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My Fav Sound Healing for troubled times

By April 23, 2020Blog

Beloved light!

We are one and we are riding the waves of transformation together.

We have a HUGE OPPORTUNITY right now... to create the new earth by how we ride this decade of massive transformation. There are many tools to help you through this and to thrive in the new world we are entering.

Energy medicine is an amazing tool that is rising to the forefront of the planet at this time. There is no way of denying its power. Personally and through thousands of people worldwide I have worked with, I know the power it can have on all aspects of life.

From physical illness to emotional and mental challenges, to spiritual and creative reconnection and inspiration – the many forms of energy medicine is an enormous blessing. In my Light Weaving and LightBody courses I teach anyone, healer or not, how to direct, sense and communicate with energy to transform and heal.

In May I am doing a series on Energy Medicine! I interview and get real-time tips for you from a variety of energy healers. It’s 100% free and starts in May – if you want to get on the list to get them just go >here<now and sign up free.


Below is one of my favorite forms of sound healing – sacred, ancient chants! This chant is a new favorite of mine this year. It is for troubled, uncertain, confusing times.

Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra and Mantra.

This sacred vibration, from the words and intent, will purify karma, eliminate illness, and prevent calamities. It is protective and cleansing and is considered optimal to listen to or say especially when dying or ill, stressed, or fearful. The planet could be bathed in this right now!

It’s super easy to use (click the link and listen!) – I suggest listening 1-2x a day. I do it when cooking. The link below is my favorite version, really pretty and lovely to listen to even if you do not want to chant along.

I adore many forms of sound healing and have been practicing, teaching, and learning sound healing around the world for decades.

Recently I am thrilled to have started to create shamanic Animal Spirit Guide Journeys and a Pineal Awakening Class that I added a sound healing element to! By creating the music for them as well I was able to add more power to the journey.

Sound, music, chanting, mantras, frequencies, crystal or Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums, rainsticks, rattles, whistles… are some of the sacred tools I use in my life, retreats and healing work.

Everyone knows the power of music, and maybe you have been blessed to experience chanting sacred sounds or mantras or sutras and have felt the vibration in your body and seen the power in your life. Just listening changes you, chanting along goes even deeper.

The fact is we are all energy, in different states, interacting vibrationally. Energies outside of you affect your health, happiness and energy. Some create peace or joy, some heal negative energy, some provide energetic protection.

“If someone with a serious disease hears this Dharani,
he will be free from the disease. All other illnesses will
also be eradicated, so too will the evil karma that will
cause him to fall into the evil paths. He will be reborn
in the Land of Ultimate Bliss after the end of his life.” 
– Buddha

2x a day practice of listening to this particularly beautiful Sutra: Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra will help the whole planet rise from violence, war, fear and old ways that are unenlightened. Belief makes it’s power come to life. Listening will melt your doubts.

Many years ago I began to learn the words to some powerful chants and it has changed my life. I listen multiple times a day and even have my own list of chants on my phone to listen to. These are part of my spiritual health!

I am currently learning the words to it, but you don’t have to get the benefit.

The words for a Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra and Mantra— Purify Karma, Eliminate Illness and Prevent calamities is below. I suggest you copy or print or bookmark it if you want to learn or say them.

Usnisa Vijaya Dharani prayer lyrics:
”Namo bhagavate trailokya prativi?i??aya buddhaya bhagavate.
Tadyatha, om, visodhaya visodhaya, asama-sama
Samantavabhasa-sphara?a gati gahana svabhava visuddhe,
Abhisincatu mam. sugata vara vacana am?ta abhisekai maha mantra-padai.
Ahara ahara ayuh sa?-dhara?i. ?odhaya sodhaya gagana svabhava visuddhe.
Usnisa vijaya visuddhe sahasra-rasmi sam-codite.
Sarva tathagata aparima?e sat-paramita-paripuranni.
Sarva tathagata mati dasa-bhumi prati-s?hite.
Sarva tathagata hrdaya adhis?hanadhis?hita maha-mudre.
Vajra kaya sam-hatana visuddhe.
Sarva avara?a apaya-durgati pari visuddhe, prati-nivartaya ayuh suddhe.
Samaya adhis?hite. Ma?i mani maha mani.
Tathata bhuta-ko?i parisuddhe. Visphuta buddhi suddhe.
Jaya jaya, vijaya vijaya. sphara sphara, sarva buddha adhis?hita suddhe,
Vajri vajra gadhe vajram bhavatu mama sariram.
Sarva sattvanam ca kaya pari visuddhe. Sarva gati parisuddhe.
Sarva tathagata sinca me samaavasayantu.
Sarva tathagata samasvasa adhisthite.
Budhya budhya, vibudhya vibudhya,
Bodhaya bodhaya, vibodhaya vibodhaya samanta parisuddhe.
Sarva tathagata hrdaya adhis?hanadhis?hita maha-mudre svaha.”

The best part is this lovely energy medicine tool requires no prescription, permission or classes! There is zero cost, no toxic drug side effects, and no travel!


Raise your vibration!

PS Share the power of this and The BlissLife Global Healing Series!