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Medicine of Mantra & Music today with Miten

By May 12, 2020May 13th, 2020Blog

I am tingling all over to get to share this amazing man with you today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine!

Miten and I discuss “The Medicine of Mantra & Music” and his path.

Deva Premal (his music and life partner) & Miten are modern nomads on a mission to share with humanity the medicine of mantra. With original chants and deep love, they not only model spiritually-conscious living but also share powerful tools for wellness, mindfulness, and personal growth.

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing them in concert a couple of years ago. It was an amazing experience, unlike any concert I have ever attended!

They create an alternative to contemporary music culture in their gatherings with a temple-like environment, where music is not an ego-driven performance, but rather, a portal to contemplation, inner peace, and heart-centered celebration.

They also suggest that the audience does not clap in between songs and that we sit in the silence and feel the magic that has been created at that moment. Yes, it is magic!

Miten’s life is a path of spiritual unfolding. As a successful singer, a songwriter who opened for big acts like Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oates, and Randy Newman in stadiums worldwide, he felt empty and walked away from everything and everyone.

Then he met Deva Premal and 30 years later they are still making beautiful music that springs naturally from within.

In fact, he and Deva recorded one of the first mantras on CD that introduced the ancient medicine to the western world (Deva’s first album “The Essence” with the Gayatri Mantra).

Against the backdrop of cutting-edge research in music and epigenetics, where scientific studies have proven the efficacy of “lifestyle medicine” in treating mental and physical health issues, those touched by Deva Premal & Miten’s albums and musical gatherings have written in to share dramatic shifts in their lives – including spontaneous improvement in, or even complete resolution of, chronic health issues – thereby validating the power of mantra to heal the world, one chant at a time.

Be sure to get Miten & Deva Premal’s free gift! “Daily Live Mantras & Music” you can also get the 55 replays! 

I cannot recommend this enough. Both the concert and the interview was like a cleanse, healing and delightful playtime all in one!

You will be fascinated and infused with peace and love when you watch this very special interview.



Tomorrow you will get to experience Lisa Wilson from Radically Authentic You. We really connected, this is one deep authentic woman!

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