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Living Radically Authentic: The Secret to a Joyful Life today with Lisa

By May 13, 2020Blog

Today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine Lisa Wilson will inspire you with “Living Radically Authentic: The Secret to a Joyful Life”.

Lisa is one of my new favorite friends! She really is ‘radically authentic” and has lived and walked through her own shadows, so she knows the rollercoaster of life and has no fear of going deep. I love that!

We discuss soul fractures, and why energy healing is so important in your life’s journey! Even how toxic relationships support your awakening.

Lisa Wilson is a Transformational Coach, Healer, and Founder of Radically Authentic You. For over 25 years, Lisa has guided clients to release their subconscious programming and false masks to achieve remarkable success.

Be sure to get Lisa’s free gift! “3 Meditations to become radically authentic: 1- Releasing your connection to toxic relationships and calling in your Divine Counterpart 2- Meditation on endings 3- Soul Sync meditation”! 

I know you will be engaged by Lisa’s glow and insights!

Enjoy & share!


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Tomorrow you will get to learn about the fascinating world of Medical Intuition with the founder of the premier teaching school for medical professionals Wendie Colter.

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