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Root Chakra Healing + 4 Steps to Heal Your Energy Body

By May 14, 2020Blog

Today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine my good friend Rhys Thomas of the Rhys Thomas Institute.

He will guide you through a Root Chakra Healing + 4 Steps to Heal Your Energy Body!

Is your energy down?

Are you stressed by the people or the current global challenges in your life? Are you having trouble concentrating?

If so, chances are good your energy is being blocked.

Join me and Rhys while he shares 4 simple energy practices you can use to clear your field of negative energies, attract healthy relationships, and access your inner wisdom.

He will then take us on healing and revealing journey into our root chakra! This energy center is all about safety, security, material wealth, and being grounded in your body and life.

Don’t miss listening in while he analyzes my vision during the process.

Rhys is the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing, a 3 year Life Mastery Training Where he teaches a unique 4 Dimensional Healing path that leads you to experience your soul essence and align with your unique purpose.

His book and system of “Life Purpose Profiles” is like a multidimensional Meyer’s Briggs for the Soul!

Be sure to get Rhys’s free gift! “Temple of Light Meditation Live with Crystal Bowls”  A powerful spiritual healing for you and the world. 

You are going to love the root chakra journey!



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Tomorrow Cathy Herring, Transformational Empowerment, and Mindshift Coach will share some easy ways to “Manage Your Mind during Stressful Times”.

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