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Medical Intuition with Wendie Colter

By May 14, 2020Blog

Ever wondered about “Medical Intuition”? Me too!

Today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine my guest Wendie Colter, CMIP, CEG will share interesting stories and how her company is already training medical professionals in Medical Intuition in the clinical setting!

Isn’t that thrilling! I love it when I hear about western medicine integrating some of the vast power tools of energy medicine and new research in things like Medical Intuition.

Wendie is the founder of The Practical Path, Inc. They offer intuitive development and Medical Intuitive certification programs for wellness and holistic health professionals from every discipline to develop and optimize their inherent intuition.

Wendie’s mission to fuse spiritual wisdom traditions with constructive, real-world results. Her commitment to the deeper awareness and understanding of the balance between mind, body, and spirit is inspiring!

This has led to a collaborative study with the University of California San Diego School of Medicine out of the recognition of the increasing value of medical intuition in the medical setting and the need for scientific research.

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You will love this smart, natural intuitive share her journey and what kinds of things come up in a Medical Intuition session!

To your awakened intuition.


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