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Melt Money Fears with Akasha

By May 14, 2020Blog

Today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine I will show you how to “Melt Money Fears” with energy. 

The topic of money is loaded with emotion and energy. It was my primary focus of teaching, sessions, writing, and personal work for almost 9 years.

I have gone deep into hundreds of people’s minds and energy fields to discover the patterns and energies that block prosperity, sabotage self-worth, and clog cash flow.

I have seen what you would call miracles happen for the people I teach and work with when they are willing to go within and melt the energetic attachments that bind them to lack.

Energy work is amazing because it reaches all levels of your being. It can rewire your mind from lack, guilt, or shame to trust, acceptance, and harmony. It can cleanse your emotional field of old, heavy energies that block flow.

There are MANY reasons (energetic attachments) why you do not have, make, keep, or grow the amount of money you desire. They are usually deeply buried and sticky so they are hard to find and transform.

Do this process and find the opportunities behind your money fear.

Remember to watch this as soon as possible, there are powerful opportunities waiting for you in the infinite field and I want to open them for you!

Abundance is a STATE of consciousness. A dimension, that includes a certain mindset, and – fears, guilt, and shame, beliefs,

Be sure to get my free gift! “Poor Mind/Rich Mind Worksheet: Find and transform your Biggest Blocks, Beliefs, and Fears around Money, Self Worth & More! 

Go now and start to use this simple method to rewire your money mind and melt the fears that bind you!


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Join me tomorrow when I talk with Dr. Mitchell Gibson about sacred energy patterns, ancient mysteries, and subconscious mind protection

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