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Cleanse Heavy Emotions Now

By May 19, 2020Blog

Imagine being able to CLEANSE, clear, and release all the fear, anger, and other low emotions that have come up in the last 2 months!

Have you felt overwhelmed by the stress and changes in our lives and the planet?

You have been dealing with and feeling EMOTIONAL ENERGIES that are not only from you – but also from those around you, the rest of the planet, and the earth herself!

We are awash in emotional ‘waste” – so not only do you have your own stuff to dig up and wade through, you have everyone else’s too!

“Master Your Emotions in Any Situation” course! + Bonus: LIVE Emotional Cleanse! It’s on special for only $33 >here<.

Best of all – the LIVE Emotional Cleanse is this Saturday (it’s also recorded so you can re-do it forever) and if you have to miss it you can send in your questions and I will answer them on the call!

Not only do you get the live Emotional Cleanse – a very powerful Guided healing process using Light & Color & Energy to cleanse yourself from low energies, but you also get the whole Master Your Emotions course!

During the Live Emotional Cleanse I’m doing this Saturday, May 23 you’ll receive a LightBody energy healing and Infinity Light Weaving release specifically for your emotional body.

Do not underestimate the power of this energy medicine. Recently a healer speaker on my Global Healing series asked for a session with me. I taught him some Infinity Light Weaving and in only a few minutes he said: “Woah, that’s really powerful!”

If you get the course for this super low special price, you get this cleanse too!


Cleansing your emotional field is like a spa day with deep multidimensional power.

We are going to free you from so much stuck energy weighing you down and clouding your clarity.

Set your self Free!