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Energy Secrets to Be The Best Version of You

By May 19, 2020Blog

Yes – you were designed exactly the way you are for a purpose!

Once you really accept that – life gets so fun and full of joyful and fascinating experiences.

It’s only when we are stuck in “I’m not good enough” or “If I had this or when I am that… then I will be happy, successful….”.

Have you been stuck in these kinds of patterns? Everyone has! It’s the way we have been conditioned to think.

Let’s break all that nonsense today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine with Alara Canfield

What does it mean to be the best version of you?

It’s not what you think…

It’s NOT being thinner, richer, having more friends, or even having a big house! Although you can have those things, they are not your purpose or even what makes you great!

Alara will share how you can disconnect from the fear in the collective consciousness at this time (yes, a LOT Of the fear you are feeling is NOT yours!) and find the positive gifts that this global shutdown has brought forth!

As a quantum healer, Alara can shift many out of the dense morphic fields that are keeping humanity trapped in 3rd-dimensional reality illusion.

Alara is an Ascension Assistant, author, show host and Transformation Consultant, and Catalyst for Change.

I was so delighted to meet Alara! She just shines with a genuine glow!

Alara uses her intuition and energy mastery to help her clients align with the truth of who they are as powerful beings here to experience their greatest life.

Come and join us and begin to feel greater alignment with your soul and divine purpose!

Be sure to get Alara’s free gift! The “Compassion Activation”! Sounds awesome! 

“Don’t waste a good crisis”! I heard this recently and agree – how can you use this time to your advantage…

Open your mind!


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Tomorrow Alan Davidson, the creator of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation and the founder of will share some easy ways to “Max Your Human! Re- Center, Re-Set, & Re-Charge: Being Healthy, Happy, & Harmonious Through Any Crisis”.

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