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Psychic Protection Without Protection

By May 21, 2020Blog

“Psychic Protection Without Protection” is our topic today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine with Colby Wilk, Psychic Embodiment Healer.

He guides me and you through a few energy exercises that will really bring you into your body and the present moment!

Are you highly sensitive? An empath? Waking up to sensing the energies all around you?

How do you protect yourself from others’ energy?

As sensitive people, regardless of all our efforts, we still seem to be at the effect of others’ energy and thought-forms. Especially now, we are isolated, yet being bombarded by the world’s massive release of emotions.

Most people pull in, cut off, and build walls of ‘protection”.

However “Connect to all of Life,” says Colby.

Learn to direct your psychic anatomy to access the web that connects all of Life.

Instead of using strategies to shield yourself, learn how to increase your energy field’s integrity and its flow.

Today you will learn 3 energetic practices to move out of the mental field, the domain of negative thought forms, and take your place on the planet by anchoring into your body, purpose, and ground.

Colby Wilk possesses the ability and finely honed skills to access pure Source, then read whatever issues are presenting in your life. By holding this high frequency, while tuning in, you have the opportunity to release concerns.

Originally a counselor/coach, Colby recognized that there was a power beyond traditional therapeutic methods that could shift what seemed unchangeable — the very core of a person. 

Through spiritual healing, Colby teaches to create a powerful, magical relationship to yourself and to life.

Be sure to get Colby’s free gift “The New Tree Ceremony”! Do you love life, but you don’t love your life?  This ceremony is helpful for those who can’t seem to get unstuck.  Warning, this is not for folks who want to hold onto security, fear, or limits.

Imagine being able to keep your energy intact and flowing even at Ikea, Costco, or with your Mother in law.

You are going to enjoy this peaceful, centered experience!

Thrive in your new elevated state!

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Tomorrow Mabel Katz, Ho’oponopono specialist, and Global Peace advocate will show you how this ancient healing method is really “The Easiest Way”.

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