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Energy of love – Put LOVE in where love is missing

By May 21, 2020Blog

Today I get to share one of my new besties! I am so blessed to get to meet all these amazing people doing beautiful work!

I found Liora by intuition, scanning hundreds of potential healers, her energy reached out to me.

I am SO GLAD I did – she is a gem!

Today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine Liora Brunn, M.A., C.M. Founder of Zoetic Workshops & Wellness Center will share how to “Put Love in where Love is Missing” – you will be surprised and delighted!

One thing I love is how Liora’s teachings are both highly spiritual and highly practical – one of my favorite things!

She truly cares about people making use of what they learn in their very real day-to-day lives. The people who take her classes come from all walks of life and range in age from 18-83!

Training people in life-altering techniques like Meditation, Expansion, Completion, Integration, and Ascension, Liora’s workshops have a huge impact in so many ways such as relaxation, calm, focus, and spiritual harmony!

So everyone knows we need and want more love… but just how do you do that?

You will get to learn that today with Liora as she seamlessly brings together a combination of ancient teachings wrapped in new and unique ways for today’s world.

Liora says “Ultimately, the key to living life as The Flow is BEing Who You Really Are. Then life is a series of experiences and expressions of putting Love in where Love is missing. It then means filling all of your doing with all of your BEing, which is Love.

If we already ARE that, then there is nothing to prove, nothing to defend. All there is to be is TO BE. It’s a whole lot easier that way!”

Liora combines guided meditations and other life-altering techniques in an environment of personal freedom and emotional safeness, enhancing spiritual transformation to be utilized in practical everyday life.

Be sure to get Liora’s free gift, a meditation: “The Most Powerful Force in the Universe” (on the delivery page – login below).

Let’s celebrate to love and be loved!


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Tomorrow Colby Wilk, Psychic Embodiment will guide us through some energy exercises for “Psychic Protection Without Protection”.

PPS Share this series with anyone you know can benefit, please!
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