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Getting Rid of Trauma Tap by Tap

By May 25, 2020Blog

I hope you are getting inspired and using the energy medicine tools we have been sharing.

Today we dive into “Getting Rid of Trauma Tap by Tap” with Energy psychology (EFT) on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine with Dr. Ronja Vieth.

She focuses on healing trauma and is diligently working towards changing trauma’s stigma and raising spiritual awareness overall.

She will guide you through some simple but effective EFT – tapping processes to reduce stress, clear the mind, and calm the emotions.

Current or past trauma can affect TOT mood, energy, clarity, and confidence. Ronja’s Akashic Field Therapy, Blissful Blueprint Program energy work, and forgiveness courses all intertwine to help you move on from traumatic experiences.

Be sure to get Dr. Ronja Vieth’s free gift! Tap Into Forgiveness – Tapping Guide, Forgiveness Invocation, and Binaural Beat Meditation”

Tap away the trauma and embrace peace!


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TomorrowDebra Poneman – One of the first mentors for people in the self-help and healing fields shares “Manage Your Mind during Stressful Times”.

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