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Say Yes to Ultimate Success with a Master

By May 27, 2020Blog

Don’t miss tomorrow I am going to teach you Light Weaving!

Let’s focus today on the cherry on top of this BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine… Debra Poneman sharing “Creating a Spiritual Basis to Living Your Ultimate Success”.

You are in for a treat! In the1980’s Debra founded “Yes to Success” Seminars bringing what were then considered radical ideas like “your thoughts create your reality” into the mainstream!

Many call Debra the mentor to the mentors. This mother of the self-help revolution was the mentor to many current transformational leaders like Deepak Chopra and Marci Shimoff! She is also the co-creator of the hugely successful “Your Year of Miracles” with Marci Shimoff.

I know you’ll love all her tips on how to live your ultimately successful life by tapping into your intuition, aligning with your highest truth, and living your life in flow! 

Sharing how to create outer success on a foundation of unshakeable inner silence, Debra’s seminars were taught on 6 continents and her graduates went on to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, NY Times bestselling authors and billionaires.

Today she has shared her success system with tens of thousands of people and helped create lives of success and abundance, profound happiness, empowerment, deep self-love, and lasting inner fulfillment.

I asked Debra for a quote that embodied her wisdom, experience, and personal philosophy. She shared this:

“Learn how to not be attached to outcomes 
but rather enjoy each moment and love what is.  
If you can do that and know that there has never 
been a moment and there will never be a moment 
in your entire life that wasn’t for your highest good, 
then you will stop grasping, and let go of control.  
A space will then be created for everything your 
heart desires to drop right in. It’s a great way to 
live your life – it’s when the magic happens.

Be sure to get Debra’s free gift! “The 5 Secrets to Living a Life of True Success”  ebook.

I know you will enjoy this fun hour with the master teacher of true success!

Come and step onto the effortless path to true success…



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Tomorrow is the final class in this series on Energy Medicine and it’s with me – Akasha! I am going to teach you Infinity Light Weaving, a simple yet powerful energy medicine tool you will Love!

STOP! Wait a minute… it’s not over -after my class tomorrow I will be doing 4 LIVE Shows with some of our speakers! Watch for the dates and times next week to join us LIVE!

Rhys Thomas and I will do a co-created Energy Healing accompanied by his crystal bowls!

I’ll be doing more LIVE Healings with Lisa Wilson and Liora Brunn. Colby Wilk will also come and we will do an interactive live call! So come to ask him questions for a psychic embodiment reading.

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