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Light Weaving into the infinite field – Clear blocks, unhook old beliefs

By May 28, 2020Blog

Today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine I am going to teach you Infinity Light Weaving and guide you through 3 easy but powerful processes!

Infinity Light Weaving is the simple, elegant solution you have been seeking for manifesting health, wealth, or happiness aligned with your purpose!  


1 Awaken the Infinity Flow and more Awareness of your Senses with the Infinite Flow

2 Clear Mind Connector: Use the Horizontal Infinity Light Weave to move brain fog, sinus congestion, confusion, or lack of creativity, clarity, or connection to your higher self.

3 Unhook from unserving energy & Rise into Your True Purpose: Use the Horizontal Infinity Light Weave

Infinity Light Weaving gives you a single, simple tool, that you can learn in minutes!

What you will learn and experience in this class:

  • Learn and experience a simple and powerful energy medicine tool: Infinity Light Weaving – the Horizontal Weave
  • Activate your infinite flow & Awaken your senses
  • Reconnect to the infinite field, your Higher Self, guides, Angels and higher realms, your Soul blueprint, and purpose
  • Cleanse, Clear and Release any energies that are Stuck, Clogged, Blocked, Congested or Constricted on All Levels of your Being
  • Experience Flow, movement and a sense of Well Being
  • Release stress, fears, worries, and “Beta-Brain” (can’t stop thinking)
  • Clear your mind, thoughts, brain fog, a headache, a hangover, your sinuses and increase Focus, inspiration, and creativity
  • Reconnect the right & Left hemispheres of your brain and create clear communication and cooperation with your intuitive & logical brain
  • Unhook and detach from Old beliefs, thoughts, memories, fears, worries, and karmic agreements.

INFINITY LIGHT WEAVING is a conscious Energy, Light & Healing & Personal Growth System with Spiritual Ascension powers… showing you how to sense, direct, and move energy anytime.

You can prevent negative influences from affecting you, shift your emotions, mind, mood, and increase your ability to manifest and RAISE your STATE to live the life your Soul Intended.

Be sure to get my free gift! “INFINITY FLOW SACRED ENCODED SYMBOL”  Download this encoded symbol of infinite flow and continue to awaken your senses and activate your infinite flow. Use it to activate you by looking into it for 3 -5 minutes a day and weaving. (on the delivery page – login below).

Lack of flow and being disconnected from the Infinite Field causes struggle, disease, confusion, and lack! Now you have a tool to prevent, reverse, and eliminate that!

Everything you wish for deep in your heart is ready and waiting for you in the Infinite Field.

Infinity Light Weaving is the Key to unlock it!


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STOP! Wait a minute… it’s not over! Next week I will be doing 4 LIVE Shows with some of our speakers! Watch for the dates and times next week to join us LIVE!

Rhys Thomas and I will do a co-created Energy Healing accompanied by his crystal bowls!

I’ll be doing more LIVE Healings with Lisa Wilson and Liora Brunn. Colby Wilk will also come and we will do an interactive live call! So come to ask him questions for a psychic embodiment reading.

Please share this series with anyone you know can benefit, please!

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