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Now what? I’m ready but…

By June 25, 2020April 28th, 2022Blog

Are you wondering “Now What?”

Ever felt like you are on an obstacle course?

First, it’s a global shutdown, then fires, floods, riots, or economic breakdown. Fear over health, then money then violence.

The old way of doing “life” is no longer effective. In fact, it slows you down, makes you sick, or causes confusion and depression.

You want to move forward with ideas, but there are so many obstacles right now!

Then there’s that voice deep inside you… the one that won’t shut up no matter how far down you shove it.

“I am meant for so much more…” 

“I want to help people, I have so much to give…”

“I know it’s time to follow my heart… into the unknown…”

I want to invite you to get off the hamster wheel of stress, worry, and never enoughness.

The way of forcing things to happen by overworking, sacrificing your health or time or finances by putting everyone and everything else first is NOT going to get you anything but struggle.

It’s time to let go and allow your true voice, your spiritual mission, and your incredible gifts and purpose to be your guide.

It’s time to embrace your value and gifts and step into the Life Your Soul Intended.

The Solstice Soul Session Special gives you extra bonus guided healings and Soul journeys to assist you in continuing all the way to your full Soul expression. 

You are coded with the blueprint your Soul decided on. In a Soul Session with me, you will uncover the blocks, fears, and patterns that are embedded in you that hold you back.

You were designed to be perfect for the mission you have at a Soul level. In a Soul reading, journey, healing, or attunement you will uncover subconscious agreements you have that make you feel not good enough and block you from accessing your real power.

Isn’t it time you knew what keeps you from knowing, or acting or letting go so you can realign with your heart?

A Soul Session will connect you to your guides, body elemental, higher self, and more. It will locate and help transmute the fears, blocks, and family patterns that keep you stuck. Healing, cleansing, guidance, unhooking stuck energy, and Soul insights are all included.

“That was incredible, I feel so much lighter! 

The pressure on my heart is gone and 

I feel so calm and safe. I feel relieved that I now 

have the clarity I need to move forward…” L.D. Soul Reading

Your Soul chose some specific challenges, skills, fears, successes, skills, agreements, and talents to bring into this life… for a reason.

You are NOW ready to know, release, reveal, remember, and renew your Soul connection and live through your heart.

Let’s do it together and free you to rise to your joyful life of purpose.

You can reestablish your clear connection to your Soul, let’s do it!


Ask if you aren’t sure which Soul Session is optimal for you, or you are interested in a deeper dive or package.

and we will make sure you get the bonus Journeys with Jaguar to see in the dark/shadows and the Portal Passage.! >here< You just need to select the Soul Session that fits you best (Reading, Healing Journey, or Attunement) on my website.