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My life threatening death/rebirth journey through the triple eclipse

By July 14, 2020April 28th, 2022Blog

The 2020 “grand transformation” we are all in took on a new level of death/rebirth for me last week.

I’m hearing from clients, students, and friends that the breakdown this year has initiated took on profound depths for many of them as well.

What was your triple eclipse – full moon July 4th portal passage like?

I almost died on July 1-2 and I spent 12 hours in the ER. By the full moon final eclipse on July 4 I had descended further into darkness, physically worse, no one knowing why the strong medicines weren’t working.

As we passed through the deepest darkest portal yet – the full moon triple eclipse on the weekend I was in a complete other reality, going through a shamanic Soul death and Spiritual shedding of profound depths.

This week as I slowly climb bit by bit back into the world of form I will share more with you.

I thank all those who sent me healing and love, it was felt and greatly honored!
I am still traveling several worlds, shifting in and out of dimensions.

The new understanding and wisdom are still taking shape. I’m no longer attached to anything. I am in complete loving union with my body, mind, past, what is, and flowing in new energy that is infinite and harmonious, calm, free, and detached.

I have been traveling and experiencing new ways to be in the world, to heal and spread the light.

I will be sharing as it comes through aligned and respecting the rebirth of my physical and LightBody.

Love yourself now.

Let go of all qualifications and goals and be here now.

I will be in touch. I’m in complete flow with the way my spirit wants to flow, because I can’t operate any other way after this metamorphosis.

I will share more about my journey, my new insights, senses, messages, purpose, and more…

Watch for this new show coming soon: “What’s the spiritual meaning of getting sick” or check out the other healing shows.

Sending you the love you are – open your senses and accept it.

PS We are really in the underbelly of transformation. I walked through the dark underworld, through my shadows and fears… in fact, I’m still on the journey as I write this.

Respect what you are going through. It’s your answer, your medicine, your healing, and your healing, and your joy.