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Light Weaving Energy Healing Manifesting

By July 21, 2020April 28th, 2022Blog

the powerful self-healing course that puts YOUR energy back into YOUR hands: Infinity Light Weaving.

A new private client got this course with instant access to the online membership area and as she is going through her breakdown/breakthroughs (this is what we do together – go through and emerge empowered!) she told me

“I have been light weaving and it is helping so much…”

I have just been through a very serious, near-death experience (see my previous email and new shows to learn more about the depth of my transformative journey) and I am still “re-forming” into the ‘new me” and I used all my Light Weaving and LightBody Healing tools constantly.

I do not know what I would do without these energy healing tools – I use them daily even without a crisis! They are my spiritual growth, mood-lifting, manifesting, mind rewiring, and communication tools for all areas of my life!

I used Infinity Light Weaving during my severe allergic reaction to a bee sting where despite the strong medications and IV’s, my body was still trying to swell and kill me. I always work holistically – herbs, oils, teas, foods, herbs, homeopathic remedies, crystals, flower essences, meds if absolutely necessary, and energy healing of many kinds. I even use my Mystery School training and access help from elementals, Angels, nature spirits, Gaia and all realms.

Even with all my healing certifications and my Homeopathic Doctor and my Master Hypnotherapist training I still use frequency/energy healing – even radionics and Rife instruments along with my LightBody Healing and Light Weaving.

It is a standard in everyday life and an excellent first aid kit too.

These last few weeks in this health crisis I used Infinity Light Weaving to help physical symptoms like itching, burning, and swelling and pulling out the poison.

LightBody Light Weaving works on all levels and ALL bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc). It can flush out negative and toxic energy (physically, mentally, emotionally….) and bring in fresh energy you need to heal.

It helps change stress hormones and assist the body to release more healing chemistry to create a healing environment in your body.

LightBody Light Weaving gives you tools to MOVE and DIRECT Energy (even energy in your cells). 

Infinity Light Weaving shows you how to connect, reconnect, cleanse, flush, pull, infuse… any energy you no longer need or is optimal for you at this time!

During my darkest hours my foundation was using LightBody Light Weaving to uncover and transmute the fears deep in my shadows.

I used the Light Weaving tools to cleanse, raise my vibration, realign myself to my highest state and free myself from heavy thoughts that stick to disease. As I was able to raise my STATE higher I was able to face my fears with willingness, courage, acceptance, and compassion.

I used Light Weaving to unhook and untie old patterns that hold me back, creating this illness and other experiences I am ready to understand and move past.

You cannot heal completely if you do not find the pattern that is creating it. Light Weaving helps you heal faster and gain the gift from your stress, sickness, or fear so your shifts are permanent.

All illnesses and accidents are communication from our highest selves and direction to release an old pattern and move into a new state of being. 

Infinity Light Weaving is about accessing a clear connection to your body, your higher self, and to guidance for what is optimal for you at this time.

If you use Infinity Light Weaving and LightBody activations you will always be on your path to healing and restoration to your truth.

My students have changed their lives so dramatically with this work, from jobs, careers, and money, to stress, peace, and focus, to buying houses, cars, finding their purpose and relieving pain and fear.

If you seek freedom from depression, stress, overwhelm, lack (of energy, money, time, joy…) and you want to feel connected to your purpose and what is best for you in each moment, Infinity Light Weaving is a powerful ally.

I know I don’t want to repeat these painful experiences, do you?

You do not have to – yet many feel doomed to face constant challenges, stress, illness, and loss. I have spent 35 years unraveling my patterns and freeing myself.

The good news is – these are only energy patterns, and when you begin Light Weaving, you are not only helping the immediate issue, you are reweaving the fabric of your LightBody which holds your “programs” that create your life! 

Want more? Want new? Want freedom? Light Weaving is like a key to unlock shackles to the past, pain, shame, anger, or guilt.

I personally want to get the message from the sickness or situation and transmute the energy ‘knot” so I can gain power and free energy to live more joyfully present.

Light Weaving lets me keep energy moving and be open to what’s already here for me that I have not been able to ‘see’.

So instead of fearing loss, pain, illness, failure (that’s heavy energy to drag around) – I choose to work with my energy daily.

My main personal focus is to learn every day to free myself from the old subconscious and unserving patterns. I am ready and willing to release having to repeat another illness or drama because I didn’t get the message or release the block when the “gift” of illness came.

I invite you to invest a small amount for the Infinity Light Weaving course right now and have lifetime access for your personal healing and evolution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After this sale ends tomorrow, I am closing the entrance to LightBody Healing and Infinity Light Weaving for a couple of months. Since my recent spiritual rebirth, I have a new vision for all the content and I will reopen it in the fall with a different form of organization.

Buy now and you will be grandfathered into many advanced levels in Light Weaving and have access to all previous live healings as well as specials on the new “INFINITE SELF” SELF HEALING & SELF REALIZATION & MYSTERY SCHOOL Programs.

I hope to see you next week! Enjoy getting started on Light Weaving and the gratitude power program – yum! Start now directing energy for your health, wealth, and happiness!