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Opportunity Alert Portal Lions Gate – Why you need to prepare

By August 6, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

Welcome to the next BIG Portal – The Lion’s Gate!

Let’s dive into the meaning of the next BIG Portal passage opening – the Lions Gate and why you need to prepare.

We have been dancing with the Sirius Blue Light and people for weeks now and as we speak they have more ascension vibes for you!

I have several ways for you to prepare, and pass through in a sacred ceremony with a group of sacred guides – check it out below!

I never want you to feel alone as you leave behind the past and become the Light you were designed to be (healer, star seed, empath, expert, channel, psychic, seer, “Clair” clairvoyant, etc., loving presence, conscious biz, interpreter, emitter, resonator…).

Support yourself and take time to receive this great energetic influx and activation of cosmic energies like the ancients. In ancient Egypt and Mexico, they knew of this increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms and this time.

No old rules, beliefs, or systems are working anymore, so let it go and LISTEN within.


Sirius: The Lions Gate is Saturday 8/8. Every year it is an important portal opening that brings together energies that are rare and opens a clear connection to Sirius and their blue/indigo light.

Sirius is like a blue flame, a spiritual sun! The energy is a spiritual upgrade and an alignment to ripe and ready abundance.

They are very advanced conscious beings who help us as we shed the old. Tune in and feel their love! (Do the Full Moon Cleanse and you will meet them here).

Orion: Both the great pyramids in Egypt as well as the pyramids near Mexico City for Theo to walk on both configure and align with Orion’s belt. They’re both built on the Fibonacci spiral or sequence which is a sacred stairway and geometrical shape to show us how we shift in ascend. Spirals are very important at this time and stargazing as well as Connection with our ancestors who are coming more and more live as the sacred pyramids and nature are left alone.

Leo is associated with the great central sun (and your central sun chakra and solar plexus – your personal power). The Lion is our heart center and positive self-love and self-image! Create your new self from love! Also strength and ruling your self, being your own inner authority.

Key Codes this portal is an opportunity to receive and activate KEY CODES in your cells, DNA, and LightBody and earth. 

The intense energy you have felt is like a strong elixir of light that awakens DNA, Soul Triggers, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.

It DOES make a HUGE difference when you are in sacred space and you experience these big energy shifts and downloads.

Love and BLUE LIGHT from Sirius.

I never want you to feel lost and afraid as you go through the metamorphosis that is going on for humanity and Gaia and all life.

Join us in a sacred ceremony Saturday for the Live Online Sacred Mayan Ceremony for the Lions Gate passage.

It’s an incredible opportunity to be cleansed, connected, supported, loved, and have your vibration lifted UP!!! as you walk through to the next world.