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Fire & Light Attunement 8/12

By August 11, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

The 8/8 peak of the Lions Gate cosmic alignment was stunning! (You can still get the Sacred Mayan Ceremony and Activation).

This week while meteor showers bless us we complete this cosmic portal on August 12 @ 11 am ET/10 am CT/8 am PT and emerge into the next world we have risen to.

I will be doing a LIVE Attunement so you can emerge with your Seeds of Potential fully awakened. 

We are really going through a massive transformation, and when we connect in sacred space we lighten up and free a lot of heavy old baggage.

Are you still going through ups and downs emotionally, physically, or energetically? GOOD! We all are and that is the point.

We are in a metamorphosis!

The Lions Gate Ceremony was stunning and blew me away, and yet the night before I descended, again, into a painful physical experience (15 hours in bed and bathroom)! I entered it with readiness to walk through whatever my Soul had in store for me so I could emerge through this portal more free and light. 

I awoke on Saturday 8/8 the Lions Gate peak at 6 am. The alarm called to me from deep in a heavy sleep, and I felt groggy. Once I showered and activated my LightBody I began to gain more clarity and then WOW WOW WOW – what an incredible BlissLife ceremony and our first Online!

I felt so expanded, energized, joyful, happy, and high after I led the activation, and then we all experienced the Shamanic Mayan Ceremony with jaguar warriors and the Mayan women dancers and the beautiful ceremony.

I mean the jaguar warriors fire dance left my mouth wide open!

Here are just a few of the comments I started receiving as we closed sacred space:


“Tears streamed from my eyes throughthe whole ceremony.
Thank you beautiful one, 
bless your beautiful heart. Thank you, Namaste.”

“What an incredible, fantastic, amazing experience!!!”

“I love you, so grateful for you, for the light you’ve ushered into
my life that’s connecting me to my magic and power.”

OMFG WOW – I am supercharged! That gave me the code
and language for what I am going to do”

Then the next day after 8/8 I had little energy and just rested and floated. Today I am on fire and feel great! The ups and downs are part of the geography of this path of transformation. Be present and all things will guide you. 

Let’s emerge from this passageway together with a “Fire & Light Attunement”
and give our seeds of potential a surge of Soul light.

In Lak’ech Ala Kin – We are ONE… One mind, one heart, one world,

PS Mark your calendar now and share for this FREE August 12 LIVE Fire & Light Attunement.

Emerge from the Lions Gate cleansed and renewed by the fire energies of the Lion and the Light of the Blue Sirian guardians. We will move from this passageway on waves of our unique harmonious frequencies and newly awakened DNA.