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Fire and Light Attunement

By August 13, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

Do this attunement as soon as you can!

Wow, we walked through the portal and connected, cleansed and experienced an incredible realignment with your highest selves.

Watch the Replay and ignite your Soul purpose now >HERE<.

This is the time – there is no more waiting!! This is the moment you were born for…. over and over and over.

Your Soul chose to be here now! You have been training for many lifetimes for this grand transformation. Everything you have been through now begins to share its true purpose – under the pain, loss and struggle.

I guide you through this to my own music remix creation “Jaguar Journey” and you CLEAR and reconnect through FIRE and LIGHT.  

Now is the time to face the truth – YOU are designed exactly the way you are for a reason.

That reason is about to emerge!

The breakdown (personally, globally, economically…) is all part of finally freeing yourself from what holds you back (or ‘drags you back” like some of my private clients feel their patterns do).

Fire and Light are elements that hold multidimensional powers and healing frequencies. In this attunement, you will be bathed, cleansed, and transmuted with them.

Burn away the past patterns, programs, and pain, and light up and embrace who you came here to be.

Take another step into your purpose in the Fire and Light attunement watch it >here< and listen >here<. It is to release yourself from all the past contracts fears and baggage and align with your true purpose.