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I’m back in my happy place

By August 27, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

I am so grateful to be back at my happy place – the beach!

You know when you feel GOOD somewhere! The joy and inner peace when you are there is profound.

Now more than ever we have to take excellent care of our energy fields and what we feed the.

Now more than ever it is important to find your happy place and create it to feed your soul. You are moving through a major transformation! Nourish your energy.

I currently rent a house on the beautiful and quiet north Yucatan coast. The owners live an hour away in the city of Merida and want to use their houses at certain times of the year. This unusual seasonal flow means for 2 months of the year we have to move.

We love it so much we go with the flow and move as needed. This time we moved into Merida (a beautiful city we love, but nothing to do right now) the EMFs and cell towers bothered Chris and after I recovered from my near-death experience, I missed nature so much.

So I decided to NOT push it and go with the flow… and reached out and found a house at the beach for 2 weeks. In the past, my family would have said that is too much hassle, just stick it out. I now live in the moment and am in tune with the energies and say, time to go…

Now magical things are unfolding… things I could not have imagined or been open to if I was staying somewhere because it was less ‘hassle’.

Never force yourself onto a place, house, relationship, or career. Go with the flow of what feels yummy to you.

Enjoy my bliss spot, I love to share it with you and find yours and enjoy it to the fullest!

Lick your fingertips and savor life – now!