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Soul Purpose Awakening

By September 15, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

It’s time for another deep dive into this huge AWAKENING happening now!Want to take a peek into the deeper meaning of all the change going on?

Have you been wondering why your Soul chose to be here now and what’s really happening?

Me too!

The “GRAND Transformation” is finally here – and chaos, confusion, uncertainty and breakdowns within and without are happening rapidly.It’s time to Look into the energy current UNDER all the drama and ask and answer the heart and Soul questions bubbling up right now.

Let’s peel back the veil and look behind the facade of our current crumbling reality and shed new light on the deeper Soul purpose meanings underneath. 

One of my favorite things about this event is the 8 LIVE interactive Soul Awakening online events!

From Sept 21 – Oct 8, 2020, you will get daily video experiences with 18 experts.

Plus you will be invited to 8 LIVE Online events where you will receive healings, intuitive, aura and Soul profile readingsand more fascinating processes and secrets to realigning with your Soul’s purpose with me and 7 other Soul healers!

Remember what your unique purpose you came here for now… at no cost.

Imagine receiving deeper insights to reconnect you to your Soul’s mission and guidance!  

Learn how to navigate into new timelines with ease and grace, or release from the mind matrices hooking you into the heavy fear energy so you can’t hear your Soul calling.

Experience a Live Equinox Soul Purpose journey, heal your soul power, or a frequency adjustment to awaken your true role in this global awakening. 

It’s easy! Register Here Now – – No Cost! >BlissLife Global Healing: Soul Purpose Awakening< 

I am honored to create this sacred container for us to explore this grand transformation and our role within it!

I am excited to be a part of this!