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Rainbow Blessings as We Enter Equinox Between the Worlds

By September 16, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

What a blessed time!

Yes, I know… this and that are happening and burning…

Yet in the midst of the breakdown, there is magic, calm, and beauty. It is your superpower to be able to see above and through the illusion that is fading and to perceive the new possibilities.

Let’s go over the rainbow!

This rainbow was in the middle of a giant dark rain, thunder, and lightning storm. The entire ‘above’ was a black cloud. The entire “below” was covered in light (the sun was about to set). The ocean was still – no waves or movements.

I have never seen a rainbow in black clouds before… so many metaphors, so much magic.

That is the truth about you and this metamorphosis we are in! There is already a rainbow of light within you, even in all the darkness you may see!

The signs keep coming to show us that we are on the path and it will all align…

Two days in a row epic rainbows! Then Last night I saw a shooting star go right over the Orion Stargate!

We are in a sacred passageway from now through the 23rd… join me for the equinox sacred Maya ceremony to cleanse, realign and pass through awoke.

The equinox is coming and our ceremony theme is Above and Below, heaven and earth, rainbows and sun energy – merging with the new worlds! 

How perfect is that!