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Navigating Shifting Timelines with Ease & Grace

By September 24, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

Below is your video for today and first remember to mark your calendar for tomorrow’s LIVE EVENT on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Soul Purpose Awakening.

Today we have a really wonderful interview and healing experience with the lovely Louise Matson sharing Navigating Shifting Timelines with Ease & Grace”.

This is a fascinating and extremely relevant topic today as we witness the breakdown of 1000’s of years of outdated systems. 

Come and learn how you can shift into more ease and free yourself from the fear machine.

Louise’s soul purpose and mission is to guide and assist people along their path from dis-empowerment to ‘Standing In Their Sovereignty’ and radiating their light openly to the world.

Louise is an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, best selling co-author, way-shower, and spiritual mentor and guide. I have had the pleasure of seeing how she is super dedicated to being a pure channel and unplug from the drama.

Louise channels Source Energy sharing the messages through her ‘Source Speaks’ blog posts, channelled healing journeys, and healing work.

I asked Louise Matson for a quote that embodied her wisdom, experience, and personal philosophy. She shared this:

“We are all feeling the call to reclaim our power 
and standing in our truth, our sovereignty. 
To connect to who we truly are and live our 
Soul-full lives, creating New Earth as physical 
the reality for all conscious beings.”

Be sure to get Louise Matson’s free gift!  Higher Timeline Activation.

I truly enjoy my time with Louise, I know you will too!

Go start shifting to a more free timeline so you can align with your Soul purpose!

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