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Blast Those Mind Gremlins

By September 29, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

Tired of the fear of gremlins bringing you down?

Today’s video interview on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Soul Purpose Awakening will help you find and neutralize those negative, fear-monger gremlins that live in your head and emotional body.

Kathy Quinton will share all about “Clarity, Grounding, Gremlins/Negative Self-talk” in 2020’s crazy energies.  

As a certified Life Coach and the owner of Quintessential Coaching Kathy has found and focused on her life’s purpose which is to help people find and use their own amazing gifts to bring about their wellbeing, fulfillment, and success.

Kathy believes that happiness resides in what we think about and how we pursue our personal and professional action plans.  

Due to publication in a few months, Kathy’s upcoming book focuses on how we can proactively shift our thinking from negative to positive as we work to create a fulfilled life. She’s also developed a supplemental workbook of concrete actions to help cement the changes.

Come and let us help you find new ways to uncover your life purpose. As Kathy says “My practice is truly a “no brainer” for me, as seeing everyone win at life and work is – is truly my life’s purpose.”

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Don’t let those gremlins and the fear machine out there get you down – you are here for a reason!

Let’s uncover it.