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Joan of Angels and Inner Power

By September 29, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

Ready for another Soul purpose awakening experience?

on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Energy Medicine Dr. Joan Hangarter’s “Joan of Angels” will share “Tools to Increase Your Life Force Frequencies for Inner Power”.

I absolutely loved this light and inspiring experience with Dr. Joan Hangarter, DC, known by many as Joan of Angels, who acts as a spiritual advisor and intuitive channel to bring you messages, wisdom, and guidance. She has been assisting people from all corners of the world for almost 40 years, inspiring, healing, and uplifting thousands as a healer, doing many long-distance “readings, healings, and activations.”

Her work allows the leader within you to emerge and removes lifetimes of obstacles and challenges. In 2013, she was guided to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus launching her work as an artist and a channel for these divine beings to assist humanity.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for the wisdom you shared in your interview with George Noory. There are so many individuals on our planet who have yet to be awakened to their spirituality, and the sharing of your gift is a blessing to us all. Blessings have been visited upon me: to hear the chorus of the heavenly host, to be the messenger in bringing information to others, to have received guidance and reminders upon diagnosis of cancer, thus I know your words are the Truth. Fear has no footing in this life, as we are all spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. Thank you so very much for opening yet another door for so many. With greatest love and admiration for your Path and Gifts,” –Denise Fearn

Be sure to get Dr. Joan Hangarter’s free gift! “ 30 DAYS TO A MIRACULOUS LIFE: Your Journal – Your Story – Your Miracle!. >here<

Joan is a delight – and the angelic presence will lift you up!

Play with the angelic realms,