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Accelerate your Ascension with the Arcturians

By October 1, 2020April 25th, 2022Blog

Replay Ready on BlissLife Global Healing Series on Soul Purpose Awakening ‘Working with the Arcturians to accelerate our Ascension’ with Akasha & Carol Nyach

Carol channels the Arcturian Light frequencies to groups and individuals through channeled meditations, personal and planetary work, as well as and in one-to-one sessions, whether in person or online.

The Arcturians first connected with Carol years ago, as soon as she picked up a channeled book, showing them she was ready and willing to make a connection. The Arcturian Helio-Ah came straight in through her crown chakra and started working with her through her heart.

Carol later discovered that she is an Arcturian Starseed and has been working diligently with these Star beings and other ascended masters ever since, channeling their multidimensional energies.

Not many people had heard of the Arcturians at that time and not much was known about them. Now interest in them is growing as our consciousness level is expanding and they very much wish to reach out to everyone who is open to connecting with them. Carol is humbled to be able to share what they have to bring through her at this time and has made it her life mission to spread their message.

I asked Carol Nayach for a quote that embodied her wisdom, experience, and personal philosophy. She shared this:

“We all know that the keys to unlocking the codes of Ascension lie within the heart. Love is the key.”

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