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Heal Your Soul Power

By October 1, 2020April 27th, 2022Blog

Soul Illumination event today on Youtube, get the replay, and do it while the moon energies are fresh!

Today your new video on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Soul Purpose Awakening Jenny Schlitz shares how to Heal Your Soul Power. 

You are in for a treat! Jenny is a delight and has had some stunning awakening experiences you definitely want to hear about!

She beautifully balances daily life as a mom, a gramma, and working in her Soul purpose work with a deep spiritual understanding of the underlying higher consciousness. 

Jenny is a Quantum Multi-Dimensional Healer & Intuitive Guide. She works with the body’s energy to see where there is dysfunction and then works to release it.

Jenny works within the Quantum field to unravel programming, limitations, and beliefs that keep people trapped and looping. Helping people to see and understand why they do what they do, or why they feel a certain way. This acknowledgment and understanding of programming is the first step toward deep lasting change. She teaches people how to ease their energetic field, create healthy boundaries, and be open to their own highest aspects and abilities.

Jenny’s client Karen says:

My session with Jenny was amazing!! Even though it 
was my first session, we immediately got right to 
the core of my concerns. I got validation, new 
perspectives, and concrete suggestions on how 
to work with the issues. If you’re thinking about 
working with Jenny, do it! Your life will be 
changed for the better. I am so grateful! – Karen K.

Be sure to get Jenny Schiltz’s free gift! “Daily Meditation with Jenny Schiltz”.  Just go >here<

I am excited to gather together for the next 5 LIVE Events and the grand finale next Tuesday!

Please join us and share this with everyone you know!

Time to awaken!