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Your Soul’s GPS

By October 1, 2020Blog

Imagine tuning into your Soul’s GPS today on the BlissLife Global Healing Series on Soul Purpose Awakening with intuitive Donna Marie at Noon ET/11am CT/9am PT.

Coming live means your energy is there to add to the experience and you will most likely get some incredible answers and guidance you have been wanting!

Donna Marie uses her Mediumship to connect to YOUR team of Spirit guides through breath work that allows her to see, feel, and lift energy immediately!

Donna-Marie is an Intuitive Light Worker, Medium and Facilitator of Transformational

Energy Healing. Her ability to connect with Spirit allows access to Divine Light


This includes The Ascendant Masters, Healing Masters, The Angelic realm, The Archangels, Wisdom of the Ancients, High Priestesses, Celtic Goddesses and the planetary support of the Intergalactic and more…

The intention of her work is to serve and support each client for their greatest and highest good by bridging clarity and understanding on any limited belief or blockage (personal or professional) that is preventing them from being in their highest vibration with all that, they are destined for.

I asked Donna Marie Hallessey for a quote that embodied her wisdom, experience, and personal philosophy. She shared this:

“The biggest takeaway; You absolutely must know 
and understand your OWN energetic vibration 

as it is the key to aligning you to be the 

vibrational match to your goals and dreams. 

The intention of her work is to show you how 

easy it is to step back into your alignment and 

return you to full empowerment, your wisdom 

and ultimately the best expression of your soul’s 

mission and best life intended.”

Be sure to get Donna Marie’s free gift!  Circle Breath”. >here<

I can’t wait!