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Xcambo pyramid magic & readings

By November 19, 2020April 25th, 2022Blog

Want to align with the magic and power at the end of 2020?

There is soooo much going on right now, you know it… and you have a chance for a big release and uplevel before 2020 ends!!

2020 is ramping UP as it ends and there is a LOT of magic and power available to you right now through the end of the year. Take advantage of this moment and prepare for 2021. (Be sure you see the videos below).

I want to share some magic and my visions with you (below)… and invite you to get a Soul/Spirit guide Reading with me (on sale now) so you can get guidance and access your magic before the year ends and the moment is gone.

The intensified energies of 2020 have opened easier pathways to accelerated healing, deconstructing, and manifesting.

That means your fears AND your Dreams will manifest faster. 

Here’s my recent story of the magic that manifested after I thought the chance was gone, with no effort whatsoever.

In March when the pandemic shut down all the sacred Maya sites, pyramids, and temples where I live. I decided that I would be the FIRST PERSON to enter a site once they reopened.

I was dedicated to this goal and it became more potent within me as the shut down went on and I could feel all the sacred sites and nature resting and renewing. I knew the power at these places would be incredible and pure after time for the magic and ancestors to come back.

The entire lockdown felt like a healing and I would ‘visit’ the sites in my astral travels and meditations and sense the powers returning.

I carefully monitored the re-opening of some sites in September and made my plans to be at my favorite site – Uxmal – 30 minutes before opening time.

Then I discovered they were not allowing you to enter the site on your own, walk or climb or sit or meditate as I usually do. You had to take a tour and could only stay for an hour. No entering buildings, no time alone!

I finally had to ‘give up’ my desire to be first and I did my ‘virtual’ ceremonies at the sites and online. Months have now gone by and small tours have been going to most large sites.

Then a week ago I felt inspired to go to a nearby site which is small and not very busy. I didn’t research the rules at all, I just trusted my inner guidance. I arranged my driver and then the night before about 10 pm I felt clearly it was not the day to go, so I canceled my driver.

Five days later it felt aligned and we arrived before opening and waited at the locked gate.

When the guard arrived 20 minutes late he looked at us with surprise. He told our driver that this particular site – Xcambo – was just opening THAT EXACT DAY and we were the first ones to enter the sacred site since they closed in March!!!

My dream came true! How is this possible? I did not track it or plan it, I just did my daily spiritual work and listened to my inner guidance. Wow!

On top of that, we were all alone the entire time. Wandering, exploring, climbing, and meditating for over 2 hours in this gorgeous sacred space.

That’s advanced dream manifestation! Thank you higher self!

It was a very special experience, soft, light, peaceful. There was a reverence in the air and a calm to the jungle and mangroves all around us.

The healing energies were all-encompassing. The light winds and temperature made it idyllic, and this site, which is inside mangrove swamps and usually has a lot of mosquitoes… had NONE!?

Everything felt like it was pure, at peace, and the visions flowed to me from the land and the ancients and the sacred temples as I sat on the top of the pyramid and melted into it.

Xcambo is an ancient Maya Shaman initiation site specializing in balancing masculine and feminine energies and chakras. The theme of “release” was strong inside of me (I am creating a new course about releasing slave patterns) as I meditated on the pyramid for 2 hours.

Visions of women dressed in ceremonial garb coming up in a line from under the temples and into the square flowed to me as I felt the sacred rituals from another time unfold.

“Balance the sacred feminine” I heard.

“Let all powers meet within you”… 

“you are the vessel of transformation so you must be balanced”.

A sudden sharp pain stabbed my head from the crown behind my left eye. It lasted a while and as I accepted and listened to it I felt old stuck, imprisoned energies deep within me moving.

More shifts continue as they do after sacred site activations. I am so tickled ‘pink’ and honored and feel incredible HIGH that this all manifested so effortlessly and beautifully.

We could also see the Laguna Rosada (pink lagoon) on our way there and from the top of the pyramid.

These are another magical being to me. This lagoon is where the Maya farmed and still farm pink salt crystals and where the pink flamingos live and are born. See below for videos of flamingos and pyramids.

So now it is your turn to align with your magic!

Is it time to book a first-time or all-new soul reading with me? They are on Fall Special now and we are ending an epic year and heading into 2021…

I’m here for you until my birthday on Dec 13 or after the new year if you want to optimize the energies and prepare for 2021.

Hugs and great gratitude,


PS In my LightBody Healing School class this week we located and released fears, blame, and anger towards 2020, and accepted 2020 as a gateway to our power and purpose…

Imagine what magic and healings are waiting for you right now… let’s find out!