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Are you ready for 12/12

By December 10, 2020April 25th, 2022Blog

Are you ready for 12/12 ?

You are already the rollercoaster ride of your life (or lives) as we receive the honor of being here now through this intense time and massive metamorphosis.

Next up is 12/12 and then the Full Solar Eclipse on 12/14. This month is so FULL of BIG energies, portals, shifts, and doorways… and they are all GIFTS for us to uplevel our consciousness and health.

Be aware every day YOU are the one to choose where you go from here and how. YOU have the power, know it or not.

Do not get distracted by news, drama, fear, or family because the energy you move through this month with is KEY. Enjoy, celebrate, share, love, be love, receive, give kindness, and be in harmony. Join me as I light a path through December’s intense map: solstice, timeline split solar eclipse, grand conjunction, and new year. December holds the codes of the # 12.

The number 12 holds the frequency of a greater ability to tap into an awareness of the bigger picture (2020 and beyond) and a sense of completion.

In December, the 12th month, we enter an opportunity to tap into wholeness and completion and look back over the year (and our lives), and understand what has happened from a higher perspective.

On Saturday 12/12 I will send you a video about the 1212 energy codes that give you the opportunity to see things from an even greater perspective and access higher states of consciousness. ( I will be celebrating my 60th birthday on the 13th so all weekend is my party!).

Watch for it on my Youtube >here< or for the email.

For me, the Spiritual Significance of everything is the most important thing to know and keep aligned with.

As we approach 12/12 you will feel the codes being activated helping to raise the frequency of your LightBody. 

Whether you understand it or not it is happening, so be ready and willing to accept higher realms of consciousness, messages from your body, and Higher Selves.

You can give yourself permission to bring a sense of completion to your past, 2020 and this life, and all lives that have trained you for this time when we move into a new earth and a new reality.

We are completing a greater cycle and all we have to do is stay HIGH (state of consciousness – ask us for the scale if you do not have it).

If you want to learn more about this month and the timeline split see my video >here< and please share it!

Replay ready “Visioning Timeline Split New Earth” – vision channeling and guidance for ending 2020 and rising to your Soul signature frequency.