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Special Message from Gaia

By January 7, 2021April 25th, 2022Blog

Please join me for this special message from Gaia

Recording on youtube >here< with a channeled healing message from the primordial mother creator goddess Gaia.

Please join me for this beautiful sacred feminine gathering online and get a glimpse into the Goddess Sanctuary starting soon.

Gaia is our earth, our home, our mother and sister. She is more important to us now than ever before as WE ARE ONE as we go through this grand metamorphosis together.

Gaia is the original creator goddess and she came before it all. Gaia is the Greek primordial goddess and mother of the sea and sky and has also come to symbolize our earth and planet and all nature and lifeforce.

We are ONE!

Now more than ever – come hear Gaia’s message and open your heart to new growth!

Love all ways!

Start 2021 by coming to the Goddess Sanctuary with me Gaia/Pachamama, Lakshmi (goddess of abundance), Brigid (Celtic fire goddess), Sekhmet (Egyptian Lioness power and voice goddess), Pele (Hawaiian volcano manifesting goddess), Ixchel (Maya moon & rainbow goddess) and White Buffalo Calf woman (rainbow tribe and peace goddess).