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Gaia, Lakshmi, Sekhmet invite you to abundance and new growth

By January 18, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

We meet again in the Goddess Sanctuary for a powerful yet nurturing experience with our divine feminine empowerment guide Gaia.

Isn’t it time for you to nourish your soul, mind, lifestyle, and body with divine sacred feminine empowerment experiences?

Are you ready for new growth in your life, finances, relationships, soul connection, and more?

Is abundance important to you? You deserve to flourish!

Gaia is the Primordial Creator Goddess & our next guide in the Goddess Sanctuary

There is no shortage of abundance on and within Gaia. She manifests crystals, plants, waters, and oil… and you!

You are the same – with jewels within you and much more yet to be mined!

If you feel frustrated that your flow of cash, opportunities, love, energy or creativity is blocked or shallow… it could be because the rules of manifesting have changed.

If you do not get aligned with your feminine energy and balance out all the years and lifetimes of fear, overwork, lack and worry you will find it harder and harder to manifest the life you desire in the coming years.

Lakshmi the Goddess of Material & Physical Riches is in the Goddess Sanctuary
Lakshmi the Goddess of Material & Spiritual Riches is in the Goddess Sanctuary

Now the sacred feminine powers are re-awakening and must be integrated into our lives to reconnect to our abundant flow.

Reconnecting to and trusting your intuitive powers is one of the secrets to abundance in the new year.

In the Goddess Sanctuary 7 different divine feminine goddess energies bring their powers, wisdom, and guidance to help you (that you can repeat over as needed).

The outdated, overrated way of manifesting abundance through hard work, stress, and constant mental analysis is out of balance in masculine energy.

The ways you were taught to create through pushing and force are actually going to be working against you as the divine feminine power balances the exhausting masculine energy this year and beyond. 

Sekhmet the Egyptian Lion goddess will awaken your voice and power in the Goddess Sanctuary

To manifest your abundance you need new growth, support, and powerful intuitive skills. You need balance and nourishment, support, and inner peace.

Gaia wants to show you how to actually enter the true frequency of abundance and generate new growth in your life.

Join the Goddess Sanctuary – magical healing, nurturing, and manifesting temple of sacred feminine empowerment experiences.

Come receive a super-powerful nourishing message and a growth and nourishment abundance journey with Gaia and Pachama – two aspects of mother earth!

The energy Gaia and Pachamama will bring to us all about growth, abundance, foundation, powder, connection, lifeforce, nurturing… and full embodiment into your feminine flow and being the creator!

My heart is growing with such loving energies since we began this idea of manifesting a sacred space for the divine feminine principle to anchor on earth once again.

I would love for you to receive this too!

Come join me in the Goddess Sanctuary online empowerment experiences and align with your new feminine way to empower yourself and the planet!

Enjoy this free message from Gaia and this one from Pele, manifesting goddess of the volcano (also an aspect of Gaia)