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Clearing My New Crystals

By March 10, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

Hola mi amigos!

I’m super excited… I found a crystal/metaphysical store!

Holistika in Mérida, Yucatan Mexico is a small store chock full of goodies I love. You can see my video of me cleansing my new crystals >here<. 

This type of store is hard to find here and much natural health, food, and spiritual stores went out of business last year due to the forced closure for 3 months at the start of the pandemic.

The first thing I did was get a “copalero” to burn copal, a powerful Mayan incense. It’s made from an ancient tree’s sap and is used in all Sacred and special ceremonies to cleanse and protect.

I’ll share more about the power of copal in a future video including a video of some of my retreat ceremonies with different ceremonial groups I have worked with over the last 4 years.

Last week when Chris and I went to Playa del Carmen for our anniversary we had a spiritual wedding ceremony in a cenote (underground cave). Yori was the ceremonial woman (in the photo above) who called in the directions in Maya and cleansed us with copal.

I bought a beautiful package of copal chunks and different herbs from her and tried to buy a copalero too but couldn’t find one. So as soon I entered Holistika I saw all that I need to use raw copal instead of incense and was so happy!

I made this video last night as I was cleansing my new crystals. I get asked how to cleanse crystals a lot so I grabbed my phone.

I got a very large piece of green fluorite (an amazing healing stone that holds heart energy), a beautiful hunk of turquoise (this stone has many powers including serenity, protection, purification, and throat chakra opening and clearing communication), and jasper (protection, physical strength and energy, EMF clearing and more).

I was blessed to get some natural citrine which I adore and is great for clarity and wealth. I also got a rose quartz wand for love and a small piece of the wealth stone malachite.

I cleansed these in purified water and pink salt crystals from a nearby Mayan salt farm close to me.

You can use sea salt or even Himalayan salt, however, because I have access to these salt crystals I like to use the crystal energy to clear the crystals.

I left them overnight and today I’ll put them in the sun to cleanse and charge up with gold ray energy.

Love, appreciate, talk to you, work with, and enjoy your crystals and stones. These are ancient conscious energies that have amazing powers to heal protect and uplift.

I use mine and talk to them daily.

Enjoy the video >here< and share!