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Are you ready to become as god?

By March 16, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

Are you ready to “become as god”?

You have an opportunity to uplevel your spiritual awareness and realign with your truth – as a creator, a part of the source, god/dess, the infinite field.

This rare and powerful >Mayan-Aztec Equinox ceremony< at the pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan will be your chance to release and rise to your spiritual powers.

What better place to do that than at Teotihuacan – the ancient place specifically designed to be “where men and women become as gods”!

Carefully designed for inner transformation Teotihuacan is a gift from the ancient ones to assist us in our evolution… and we will be in that energy in sacred ceremony, protected and connected!

Walk through this important cosmic portal of the equinox connected to Teotihuacan and the power of the divine feminine amplified by the Moon Pyramid.

Our Mayan-Aztec ceremony team will be live streaming the ceremony on March 18 from the ceremony space by the Moon Pyramid.

We are leveraging this monumental moment in time and the accelerated energies to rise to the highest level of consciousness possible at this time.

Do not miss it!

Meditating on the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is known as ‘The City of the Gods, The Place Where Gods Were Born, The Place Gods Call Home, The Place Where Men Become Gods, The Place of Those Who Have the Road to the Gods, and The Place Where Time Began”

If you want a powerful leap on the equinox and the guidance of the ancients, the support of our gathering, and the powers of the Moon Pyramid and Teotihuacan, then join us >here< half price.

The equinox is always a powerful portal and an opportunity to up-level in balanced energies, now this is amplified.

You were guided to this opening… we welcome you!

Me and Chris at Teotihuacan

Take the burden off your shoulders to plan or create something sacred for the equinox. >Join us on March 18< and by the 20/21st peak Equinox moment you will be so ready you will soar through in bliss!

“Thank You, Akasha, and Cristian, and the dancers, and Carlitos who hosted, for bringing this deep and powerful experience of the jungle, of the sacredness of indigenous cultures and ritual, the wisdom we all can share as our own, the connection to this beautiful sacred earth, to me in my living room, and to us all.” JL