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What block to the equinox ceremony came up for you

By March 17, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

I wanted to share this quick note because I’ve had several clients contact me and say the different reasons had come up for why they hadn’t signed up yet for our equinox ceremony on March 18 here.

Maybe one of these was your concern and hopefully, this will help you to align with what’s optimal for you going through this beautiful portal that we are in.

1. “I am working while the live ceremony is on so is there any reason for me to buy it?”

Answer… Yes absolutely. You will have access to the replay for 30 days and best of all since we’re doing it on the 18th and the equinox is on the 20th/21st you’ll be able to do it the same day we do it or any of the three or four days over the equinox.

Preparing before the equinox is powerful, and repeating the ceremony will give you support, protection, and many opportunities to take this journey in a safe and sacred way.

2. “My background, religion, or family conditioning is creating doubt or fear within me about the Mayan Aztec indigenous ceremony for the equinox. I feel super drawn to it but every time I go to buy it I feel a fear that it’s not right for me because I’m not from that culture.”

If you are drawn to something like this there is a reason. You may have talents or gifts or other lives that connect you to the Mayan or Aztez or Teotihuacan traditions.

You may also be ready for sacred ceremonies and rituals in your life, and these do not subscribe to any religion or dogma. This is a sacred and reverent connection to the earth and all life and it brings peace and healing to everyone. The fears attached to ancient cultures, or spiritual ceremonies are nothing but control to keep you from connecting to your own truth.

These ceremonies and everything I do is designed to connect you to your truth, what is for your highest good and purpose. You will be protected and guided to realign with your heart.

I invite you to join us and open your heart and mind to a level of love and joy your soul wants you to embrace!

I honor you and welcome you to our sacred circle of love and light.