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Amazing Equinox experience

By March 24, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

We are almost through this equinox portal!

It has been a very delicious 5 days and we will slide out of the equinox portal energies tomorrow and Wednesday.

We have amazing energies lined up for this equinox – all the planets are direct – which in general gives us positive forward movement!

From the top of Kukulkan pyramid at Mayapan

I wanted to share some of the incredible energy I experienced this weekend at the Mayapan Pyramid of Kukulkan (Mayan feathered serpent god who is the guide to enlightenment, to reclaim your true spiritual nature and shed the lack and lies you have been living and believing about yourself).

I will be putting up more videos on my youtube channel soon, for now, I posted a video after my 3-hour meditation on top of the pyramid on my youtube >here<. I wasn’t able to speak much after I came back to my body but it is beautiful. I was truly blissed-out, serene, and peaceful.

Chris and friends climbing the pyramid and releasing ourselves from old levels of consciousness

We began the equinox portal journey Thursday with our incredible online Aztec-Mayan ceremony streamed live from the Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan. It is so moving to connect to sacred traditions and the beautiful people who carry on their culture.

I adore my Aztec, Mayan, and Mexica friends and have such deep love and respect for them continuing to put so much time and care into their work, regalia (what they wear – headdresses to rattle anklets), and ceremonies.

This was a beautiful way to get into the balanced energies of the equinox and to begin to release the old. This is truly a shedding and rebirth kind of time.

Next, we headed into Merida and spent Saturday at Mayapan’s ancient Mayan site. It is beautiful with many buildings and the pyramid which we climbed and meditated on top of. I was in the temple on top for over 3 hours.

Chris and I beginning our equinox ceremony Meditation at the door to the temple on top of Kukulkan’s pyramid

I started sitting in the door to the temple, between the serpent god’s tail and head. This incredible place still has the sculpted structure of the serpent god at the entrance to the temple on the 9th/top step. This represents the 9th wave of consciousness and Unity.

(The idea behind Kukulkan is you rise in consciousness from the tail to the head and emerge from his mouth enlightened and reclaim your ‘feathers’ or true spiritual nature.)

Entrance to the temple. You can see the outline of the serpent head on the right and tail on the left

So when you entered the temple it is like you are at the tail (a descended god) and you go within (yourself and the temple) to shed the old and climb back to your ascended state. In the temple, you experience sacred ceremony and visions and shed the old, and emerge again at the door by the feathered head of the serpent, reconnected to your divine essence.

Kukulkan is also called the wind god, and the wind began to blow harder pushing me into the temple. I took the hint and moved fully inside and continued my experience.

Next, I was guided to do some breath work and began to receive visions like someone wiping clear a foggy window. I saw ancient people dancing in a circle in feathered regalia. Then faces, and many times I saw a big eye. One time the eye was clearly a snake eye – kukulkan looking deeply into my inner eye.

Me during my experience in the temple

A purple sphere encompassed my inner vision and I slowly began to see myself squatting in the center of the temple with my hands outstretched and my hands cupped around a pyramid of energy rising from the center of the floor. It was dark and about 2 feet tall. Much time went by before it shifted and I watched as the energy turned into an opening in the floor and it looked like peering down at the earth from many miles above.

Over the course of the next 2 hours I watched and received a profound cleansing and reconnecting with my divine self. It was soft, gentle, and effortless.

The cloud-like energy between the temple “me” and the earth “me” below that I was watching began to enter my hands and travel slowly up my arms and into my heart center. This was happening but in the new I was watching and in my body. It stayed this way a long time, and I knew the me I was watching was receiving this energy that was creating a completely new heart center frequency.

By the time I was able to get on my feet I was completely serene, present, and had no desire to talk, just to be.

Even though the others had already climbed down and left, I took my time to give thanks, walk the top all the way around and look through my new eyes.

The crouching god carving at the back corner of the pyramid. This was what I watched myself do in the temple – squat/crouch with my hands framing the energy and opening. Interestingly a guide walked by and talked about this statue which made me look closer and then warmly greeted me.

I climbed down step by step giving gratitude and touching the pyramid-like a loved one. I walked around the back of the pyramid and saw (to my surprise and delight) a carving of a god crouched and squatting just like I watched myself do for 2 hours in the temple!

I touched the pyramid and engaged with the bee god carvings (he came to me last year and I went through a death with him). I wandered gently past the murals, the rain god carvings (Chaac), and to the serpent head temple.

Bee god carving on another bottom corner of the pyramid

Many Iguanas greeted me as I walked half here and half in the spirit world (they represent intuition) – 2 were enormous! What a delightful sign and blessing. Two ran to me!

One big iguana who ran to me from the serpent head temple to the right (if you zoom in you can see the serpent head carving. It’s also in the photo after my name at the bottom)

We spent the rest of the weekend doing beautiful and tasty things to pamper ourselves as we transition and integrate all that has been reconnected. We had cacao that came with a tray of spices to flavor it and enjoyed live jazz, amazing foods (Lebanese, Thai, Yucatecan), and ended with an epic 2-hour massage.

I hope you enjoy this share. I really cannot explain fully the spiritual experience and the shifts I feel. It is to tune you in and allow you to recognize more of you and your path that is unfolding so beautifully right now.

If you feel stuck, or like you never quite get to the breakthrough, be present and loving with yourself. Part of this transition is to stop the old habits of craving things to happen in the way and in the timing you want. It can feel hard, and yet it is very freeing, so let yourself off the hook. Give yourself a break and do something that delights your soul!

Many blessings beloved!

You might find yourself wanting to do some energetic cleansing and focus on personal rejuvenation. If you feel the desire to do some spring cleansing, look within!

You can start by joining me this Saturday for my Livestream >”Ask Anything”< – where all I do is answer your questions! It will be super fun because we have just experienced this equinox portal and are starting an energetic new year and rebirth!