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Full Moon Fruition

By March 25, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

You are in an incredible time!

The up and down energy continues as we head into the full moon (Sunday) that completes this chapter of our evolution and the first quarter of 2021!

The full moon will align us to the ripened bounty we have been gestating. If you feel like things have been stuck or you can sense them but can’t see them yet, now is the time to begin to see things starting to emerge!

The full moon is a completion, the fruit is ripened, the seed has rooted and now you can take the next step on projects, ideas, jobs, and life.

Are you wondering what is next? Where is it? When is it? Why is this or that not happening?

Perfect time to join me for my next “Ask Anything” Live!

I am excited to meet with you live because the answers always fulfill everyone’s top-of-the-mind and heart questions!

One question I have already been asked is about the frustration of being excited or expecting something to happen. You can be excited about what is coming and changing without being attached, desperate or frustrated. We will dive deeper into that important energy secret Saturday.

When you arrive on the call Saturday please say HI and put your question into the chat!

Plan to spend an hour or so with me Saturday and get ready for the full moon.

Spring Full Moon Sale is coming! I am still swooning from the equinox energies – wow! I am super excited to see what appears after the full moon and I have been birthing something new for you!

So many clients and students ask about success, business, career, money, and cash flow. I am going to share something all new and powerful with you Saturday… I can’t wait!