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Full Moon Video, Photos and Energies

By March 29, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

Blessings for this amazing super moon!

Yesterday was the peak of the full moon energy and you might have felt it in your emotional field.

Many people felt a strong emotional pull. Depression and negative feelings get pulled from the depths and intensified.

The full moon has the same energetic effect on us as it does on the ocean’s tides. It pulls our emotions and the waters in our bodies.

So when you go through a full moon it is a wonderful chance to see what you are carrying in your mind or emotions that are weighing you down.

The full moon illuminates all that we are holding, even the things we wish we didn’t have in our minds, memories, or body.

Fear, worry, or frustration get highlighted and feel stuck or heavy.

Typically you don’t want to feel those emotions, so you cover them up, suppress them, and ignore them.

But they don’t go away, they just stay in your system and pop up somewhere else, sometimes as frustration, struggle, or physical illness.

Allow the emotions to come up and accept them. Accept what the full moon is illuminating for you because it is a path to your peace and purpose.

Acceptance gives you freedom, harmony and solutions can appear. You remember your truth and strength.

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The idea that acknowledging your fear or pain will only create more of it is a misunderstanding of the law of attraction. You will attract more if you do not accept and transform it because even if you ignore it, it’s still there.

Accept what comes up and talk to it, welcome it, and let it give you what it knows.

Acceptance is where you get your power back!

Enjoy the full moon and the first half of April is full of positive, empowering energy!

Get started on a project, complete something so you are free to be open for something new and most of all – enjoy yourself!

Abundant, luminous blessings!

Empower yourself to get on a prosperous track with work, business, and money. This is the perfect time to align with your purpose and spiritual path so you can create a joyful work and income.