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Abundant Butterfly Blessings

By June 14, 2021April 14th, 2022Blog

I wanted to share these abundant butterfly blessings with you!

It’s been an intense week with the solar eclipse and the new moon! I know I was feeling exhausted and drained at the same time I could feel the shifts happening in the new planting.

We’ve been carried to this moment and gently planted by our souls to be here now and prosper.

One evidence of that is the abundance of butterflies here right now where I live.

Right now I finished my morning swim in the ocean and I’m sitting amongst the bushes on the beach.

Butterflies are everywhere! They fly over me and around me there in the bushes they’re flying out over the ocean.

It’s absolutely magical!

Butterflies are the perfect symbol of what we’re going through right now personally and globally.

Complete metamorphosis and changing our shape or form and our abilities.

We are literally shapeshifting from the old limited form – who we thought we were, how we live and what we do.

When I came out of the ocean a yellow butterfly came and danced around they landed on the sand and talk to me he kept flying and landing on a new spot until it had formed a circle around me.

There’s swallowtails (black and yellow ) and yellow butterflies. There are white, orange, black butterflies.

They fly by our balcony all day. They’re dancing out here with the bees and the dragonflies.

Even a hummingbird came over next to me as I sit here and receive this bountiful beauty.

You are beautiful.

You are abundant.

Enjoy it! Savor it and spread your wings and let everyone see the true you.

Please watch the videos below