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Turtles hatch in my yard what a blessing

By August 3, 2021April 7th, 2022Blog

What a magical moment!

After one month in our new beach house, baby turtles hatched and blessed our sanctuary.

My heart is so warm and full of love and wonder!

At 10 pm, our neighbors came knocking and yelling. It was urgent, and we only knew they said “turtles.”

Since we know turtles lay eggs on our beachfront, we ran down. It was amazing to discover these beautiful beings all over our yards!

The turtles hatched, and instead of going into the ocean, they headed toward the house.

The lights in the yard were on, and apparently, they will go to the light and not to the ocean, so they went the wrong way.

We came downstairs with one phone light, and the neighbors had two. It was very dark, and we were walking and looking carefully.

With our neighbors and their 4 children, we found and gathered over 60 baby turtles as they ran all over the sand yard and under the palapa.

The neighbors discovered them because two of them went into their house! They came out with buckets and pots so we could gather them and take them to the beach.

We are having a pool installed, and right now, it’s just a big hole in the ground with rocks at the bottom.

10 baby turtles fell in and had to be rescued. We spent a lot of extra time making sure no others fell between the cracks.

This is a huge honor, blessing, and extremely magical to us.

Our neighbor said in his whole life living here. He’s only seen this once!

He said, “you are very lucky, this is your welcome to your new house.” I agree.

I’m still buzzing with magic and joy. I hope you are blessed too by seeing this!

Love, wonder, and blessings.

Please see the videos below: