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Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician/Moon

By September 21, 2021April 7th, 2022Blog

The full moon equinox energy is AMAZING!

I can’t sleep… yet in the most delightful way!

The abundance of energy right now is off the charts!

It’s harvest time! Time to realize, recognize and receive the fruits of your labor!

Come on my full moon equinox journey with me! For two days we are going into the Yucatan jungle and are exploring ancient Mayan sacred sites, the Uxmal pyramid site, and small jungle towns filled with artisans.

We are going to flow in the full moon equinox energies and go on a magical journey guided by our inner compass.

We are being present in each moment and open to all possibilities. Following our intuition, letting our higher selves and the energies of the places guide us.

Join me and do your own magical journey, allowing amazing moments to delight your heart and feed your soul.

Seriously all energies are supporting you to let go of the old and receive the goodies of all your hard lives!

You are in the equinox energies right now. Take time to feel and listen to the inner and higher messages. They bring balance and it is easier to see and let go of limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns.

It’s also letting go of the ‘dead wood” literally, mentally, metaphorically, and emotionally.

Here are a few videos from today… we will keep sharing, so come along and I will keep passing on the magic and messages we receive.

All photos are from Ticul, a small Maya jungle town of artisans

Tomorrow we go to the Uxmal sacred site, my favorite Mayan city. We will meditate in several sacred spots and hopefully, I will get to climb the great pyramid (which was closed for pandemic).

It is a prosperous time! It is easier to receive guidance and see the pathways to your joyful abundant life you were designed to live.

Above and below, masculine and feminine energy flow, material and spiritual, yin/yang…

Enjoy the ride!

Me with Ixchel the Maya Moon Goddess in the small town of Ticul

Equinox journey into the Mayan jungle

Equinox Journey Part 2 Lodge at Uxmal