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Equinox Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician/Moon

By September 23, 2021April 7th, 2022Blog

Today we begin to emerge the full moon equinox portal. This journey and over the next few days you will begin to integrate the changes you have experienced.

As you ‘enter’ the energies of your new world, acknowledge you have made this journey and you are “ready and willing to receive and continue to be guided by your highest good and that which is optimal for you at this time”.

The journey we were truly magical. We flowed through the first day finding magical statues of ancient Maya gods and goddesses and finding treasures and delight.

On the second day, we went to the sacred Mayan site of Uxmal and did a long meditation under the Kukulkan Ascension Wall.

I share in the videos the visions, healings, and what I experienced in the meditation. I show you the sacred sites, the powerful guides, and symbols, and even some amazing birds soaring. Walk in the jungle, feel the energies, and be transported to your next reality.

Go on the Equinox journey >here<!

I have uploaded 10 more short videos – the list is below. Also, the blog has lots more photos is >here<.

Equinox Journey Day 1 videos
Equinox journey into the Mayan jungle Part 1
Equinox Journey Part 2 Lodge at Uxmal

Equinox Journey Day 2 videos
Equinox Journey Part 1 Uxmal Pyramid of the Magician/Seer/Moon
Equinox Journey Part 2 Ancient Maya Sacred Feminine University
Equinox Journey Part 3 Raise Your Vibes with the Sacred Bees
Equinox Journey Part 4 Equinox Meditation under the Kukulkan Ascension Wall
Equinox Journey Part 5 The Wall of Divine Evolution
Equinox Journey Part 6 Shed the Old & Awaken Your Power
Equinox Journey Part 7 Walk in the Jungle
Equinox Journey Part 8 Great Pyramid & Iguana Intuition Guardian
Equinox Journey Part 9 Uxmal Pyramids & Temple of the Turtles & Soaring Sacred Birds
Equinox Journey Part 10 Mayan Lunch & Swim ends the Journey

As you emerge from this equinox you will get used to being the new you.

Bring the balance and sacred symbols and guidance all around you to assist you in adjusting to the new you.

Watch for the Mayan Magic Retreat coming on 2022!