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Amazing Mayan Ceremony

By December 8, 2021April 7th, 2022Blog

How was the new moon eclipse for you?

I cannot describe how over the moon I am!

We had the most delightful experience! My dear friends Cristian and Vianey came to our house and performed a beautiful ceremony while showing us how and why you make herb bundles for cleansing and love.

You get 2 video versions, many video clips, and photos, and a materials list. You will be able to enjoy it and use it to help make your own herb bundles or smudge sticks.

I am so excited to keep making more with all the herbs we have.

We were so honored to have our first ceremony at our sanctuary on the beach. It is blessed and cleansed now and ready for our first live Epic Mayan Equinox LIVE retreat in 2 years in 2022 right here.

Our house and land received a wonderful blessing today

So very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge
and gifts with us! I am most grateful to have been present
with both of you! – Kathleen Boyd

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your stories.
The dance and the music were amazing.
I will always remember your words of wisdom. – Kierre Person

Here are some photos from our special day (they hold the energies).

Cristian and Vianey make herb bundles (they are stunning!) if you want to make your own healing “smudge” bundles) both how to make the bundles and why and when to use them for healing and love.

They also perform some beautiful ancestral dances for you.

I open the ceremony with a guided opening welcome meditation and we get to be in the open space by the beach.

Everything smelled heavenly!

The eclipse energy closed an important cycle and you will be feeling the completion of old patterns happening for a few weeks.