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Live your life now

By December 14, 2021April 7th, 2022Blog

I am so grateful to be alive.

I want to share some photos from the birthday trip so far.

I love living here in the Yucatan where there are still artisans and traditions to enjoy and discover.

I’m so honored to do this spiritual, healing, and empowerment business!

I’m overwhelmed with joy daily at having the most wonderful students and amazing clients.

I truly marvel after every session or class at the stunning revelations and deep discoveries that emerge.

Have a most Blessed and Wonderful Birthday
Thank You for gifting me with your love, wisdom

and presence! Eternally grateful! -Z

What a blessing to get to live my spiritual path and uplift others too!

I feel there is nothing more important than to love and enlighten and I get to do it!!!

I’m amazed Chris and I are both still alive and living our dream on a beach.

We have both died a few times and faced multiple challenges from health to finances.

I’m more aware every day of how deeply imprisoned we all are in fears, thoughts, and beliefs… that are not TRUE!

So l live each day in wonder and gratitude and made a commitment this year to reclaim my joyful childlike essence daily.

I’m 61 and despite my age, I’m feeling great, at my lowest weight in decades and I actually love my imperfect body… even more than when I was an athlete!

Live your life now.

Love yourself, your body, your past, your failures now.

Now is the only moment that will be like this.

Things WILL change, end, shut down…

Love yourself and live the life you are in… then it will mold to the one that makes your soul sing.

I send you all the hugs, love, and joy I can channel!

You are a blessing to me and to the world.