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BIG Trauma, BIG Guidance

By January 10, 2022April 5th, 2022Blog

2022 is BIG ENERGY – have you noticed that?

I am in a space of listening deeper than ever, not rushing and following the tide of energy as it comes in and out.

I find when I get too excited and my energy starts to build I get a Big sign to stop, slow down and be present in the moment.

Big Trauma: Last week I burned my right hand badly. The top half of the palm and all the fingers, even between them.

The pain was excruciating, the shock was intense.

I was happily talking away to my beloved Chris.

I was so blissful at the moment in my home, on the beach with my soulmate. We were having a wonderful day together.

My happiness was making me giddy. The pain said wake up – PAY ATTENTION!

These are the cards for the 2022 Theme

The message is what is important, underneath all the physical pain and trauma.

I was so grateful for my decades of energy medicine and shamanic experience.

I healed it completely and never went to a doctor.

I believe in my healing and energy shifting abilities, I have seen miracles and magic happen over and over.

Because of that trust by the next afternoon, you could no longer see the long white blisters that ran up each finger. The red marks faded by the end of that day and the slight pain left before 2 days had passed.

These are the cards for the 2022 Theme

Very few people will believe me.

No one in regular medicine would believe it even if I had documented it with video and photos and testimonials.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I did once, but no more.

I didn’t do it for anyone else.

I didn’t do it to impress or convince anyone.

I did it for me, because I love myself, my body, and my purpose in this life.

This is why it worked, the right intention, aligned with the right mind.

I did it because I have tasted and touched my destiny, and it is bigger than me.

I know in my heart I need to be here and whole and functional in order to live my destiny to the fullest.

Dozens of “wings” have been gifted to me by the sea so far this year! Freedom…

Big Guidance: In fact, I have healed many very serious traumas that normally would cripple or maim.

One of my karmic (repeating soul wound) patterns is to try to maim myself.

It’s a past life pattern trying to keep me “safe” keep me small and stop me from becoming who I am designed to be in this life.

This is what I have seen in other realms, in >Soul readings< and shamanic journeys.

We all have a destiny, and we all have soul wounds that hold us back.

Limiting beliefs, fears, patterns you can’t break free from, bad luck, abusive life circumstances… these are all reflections of our soul wounds.

There is guidance from our most loving self all the time, but most of the time the noise of ‘should/can’t/not enough” drowns it out.

It takes real effort and releases to hear your soul’s truth.

When we rush in and try to make it happen, force things, or feel frustrated or disappointed with our results or lack of them, we are not listening to our soul’s guidance.

Accidents and disease, money challenges, and lost opportunities… all just results of not trusting the inner part of us to know what is best.

Most of all it is a communication from our higher selves, the parts that know our original blueprint and potential destiny in this life.

This one instance could drag my mood down if I let it.

I could have decided that it is unfair – “I was so happy, relaxed, enjoying my life! Why did this happen when I was in such a good state?!”.

I could choose to interpret it from a lack and shame perspective, I don’t deserve or get what I want. Why is my happiness never lasting… and so on.

Thankfully I have been through heaven and hell in this life and my other lives and I now know my soul never abandons me, it always lovingly guides me.

So all I really wanted from it was to bring my body back to wholeness and understand what I was doing/being/thinking that was off my path.

My purpose is to help you find your soul wounds and the invisible patterns that are trying to hold you back from stepping into your true divine destiny.

Nothing you have done can stop you, nothing you have lost can hold you back.

Only your limiting beliefs, contracts, and programs can keep you blind to your true luminous purpose.

My >Soul Readings< go deep to see what the wounds and blocks and guidance are in this moment.

Moment by moment there is always a path being illuminated for us. IF we can stop the pushing, worry, and out-of-balance excitement.

Be careful of all the so-called expert advice out there now – there’s a mountain of it that holds no real power.

Frustration rises as you are going in circles blind to the small silent door opening now and then.

The soul’s path is not easy, yet it is rewarding.

It gets easier, yet it is not the fairy tale so many are peddling right now… “be grateful”, “add an extra hour to your morning and write out your goals…” blah blah blah.

This worn-out advice is just being repeated… and does not help you go to the core of what is really going on.

It only keeps you distracted with rules that have nothing to do with the REAL YOU.

Old ways, even spiritual practices are no longer working for most people.

Last week in a soul session my client who is doing a package of deep sessions felt frustrated and guilty that some teacher’s meditation did nothing for her.

She automatically placed the blame on herself.

I helped her see this is not the truth. The truth is that person is operating in a realm that has no real value for her. She is past that and needs real, deep, personalized processes.

When it works for you, you are on the right path.

I would love to help you find your destiny, and accept and transform your wounds.

My Big guidance is still unfolding. Today many new insights came clear: My Live March retreat is moving to September, My Chakra Upgrade class is changing format and moving to March, my Soul reading sale is extended, I am traveling to San Diego in February, I AM GOING TO DO A WOMEN’S HEALING, MAGIC AND MERMAIDS LIVE RETREAT HERE IN THE BEACH AND IN THE YUCATAN IN MAY!!! (Details coming soon, let us know if you are interested!).

Most of this would not be clear to me if I was trying hard to make what I had decided before to happen.

I invite you to listen to your soul, find your wounds, free yourself from your limiting beliefs and patterns, and trust your divine destiny.

You are infinite light and you came to live an infinite life.

Let’s find it and realign you to your soul’s song.

Because this work is my soul purpose and it is to uncover your soul purpose I surrender and connect to your highest good and what is optimal for you at this time.

This is why the #1 word that my clients say at the end of a session is “WOW…”

No matter what has happened, you are beautiful light and you are here with an important purpose.

Let’s take your big trauma and find your big guidance.