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Full Moon June Spiritual Weather Report

By June 14, 2022Blog

Today’s Full Moon Video is ready for you!

I recorded the Full Moon Spiritual Weather Report for this week today so you can tune into these amazing full moon energies.

Listen to this week’s Spiritual Weather Report now there!

FULL SUPER MOON Peaks at 7:52 a.m. ET Tuesday, June 14, 2022 (8).

Theme this week: Life is SWEET – Ripe with Possibility & Delicious Abundance!

Where are you standing now? Did you know there are Rainbows of potential opening bridges to new opportunities – open up and accept them!

It’s your first full moon chance to SEE what the eclipse brought!

Shake off the heavy energies we have been in and find pleasure, joy, and enjoyment in your life… there is so much you have not seen yet waiting for you!

Full Moon is a completion or climax, a doorway, a silver path of illuminating light (PEMSFR), as their climactic energy can help us to let go of things or see situations from a new perspective.

LIGHT EVERYWHERE! MOON Light healing and clearing the way for the SUN light and the path of balance into the Solstice.


These weekly energy reports are designed to give you practical, intuitive, and useable insights into the energies, powers, and openings that are happening now so you can plan and understand what is unfolding in your life and how to handle it!