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Super Full Moon Energy

By July 11, 2022Blog

More intense, BIG, more light, more emotion, more heavy energies come into view.

Step into the Driver’s Seat

Time to bring your focus back to your path and become a conscious co-creator on your direction, speed, and state.

Release Self Sabotage, use the Cancer Mastery of Emotion (in balance) and the power of deep emotion without attachment

2/3 Super Moons in 2022 – MIDDLE of a pattern

FULL MOON in Capricorn – sure-footed, headstrong, great humor, and great with money. Get back into a lighter, more fun path and know no matter how rocky it is, you have the sure-footedness within you to traverse any path.

SUPER FULL MOON (next in August, 1st in June) 3 in a row gives you a trinity, release, purge, let go of old stuff, heavy and not serving you.

Think about goals, dreams, and ambitions… are you pursuing outdated dreams or goals?

Are you blocking your progress or clarity to see what you really want to do and what is optimal for your heart?

How are you spend your time, mental energy


Look at BOTH and ALL sides of that idea… not just automatically at where you are not being responsible enough.

Where are you burdened by a sense of responsibility?

What obligations do you feel a duty/fear/exhaustion…. around and how is it depleting you?

Where have you abdicated your responsibility and power in your own path? Inner authority? Trust of self or soul?

Where is the new door illuminated by the full moon take responsibility for the areas where you are NOT creating your life as you know you could or are called to… is it what your heart wants now?

Am I doing the same things over and over, thinking the same thought over and over?

Is my energy productive, loving, nurturing, growing, or inspiring…or is it like hitting your head over and over on the same/similar roadblocks?

Am I feeling helpless or a victim of my circumstances, thoughts or past?

Are you ready to step back into the picture – and take the wheel back?

You have to intend and trust your ability to drive your own life and do it.

Capricorn is water-earth, go deep into emotion and climbs high into heights, and ground into the love and lightness

FEELING HEAVY – When Pluto is active it stirs up FEARS and old dark energy hovering around


July 2022 energies: 

Abundance in growth, emotional depth, spiritual and intuitive connection, sure-footed inner illumination leading to a realignment with power/responsibility and embodying your truth.

This month awakens the SOUL – it is an excellent time to activate and up-level: your INTUITION and rebirth of your belief in self.

The planet and society will continue to get more intense, defensive, argumentative, and filled with energies pulling farther apart. We are being gifted with a wider view and an extended potential. More people will explore or hide in an extreme and think they are listening to the ultimate truth and then feel the need to force it on others.

We are in an evolutionary crossroads of learning to care and live as one, while also reclaiming our unique, individual spiritual nature.

Each person’s truth is only one small facet of the whole, filled with an infinite number of realities and perspectives.

The sooner you begin to discover and live, speak, eat, think and see from a higher, less emotionally imprisoned idea, the sooner you will feel the ability to scale any mountain and swim the seas too (Capricorn).

Now is the time to make solid choices and follow it up with steps… the more uncertain and uneven the path, the better for you right now.


The Capricorn super moon is lighting the way and giving you steady balance ad confidence to thrive in any rocky situation. and alter your Soul is awakening more, and it’s time to Believe in freedom for all without taking responsibility for others.


BE responsible for what you give, and do with your energy, thoughts, and emotions. How do you see others? DO you let their emotions carry you away or are you choosing?

Are you giving the best to your home, work, body, or purpose?

Or are you hiding, abandoning, and avoiding taking responsibility for the awakening of your Soul?


Sit in acceptance of the heaviness and let the Full Moon show you the places you can step into being your own guide and healer.


When you step into your inner spotlight you will see portals, doorways, and new pathways and you may not see how to cross from where you are to where is optimal for you at this time…

This is the moment to know you are awakening within you how to access doorways that hold BIG POTENTIAL… if you are brave enough to trust yourself and move forward into then like a Capricorn, smart, witty, strong.

In all this ACCELERATED CHANGE happening you have to let others be who they need to be, and you follow your flow.


2022 as a YEAR container of energy is a number 6 years in numerology. 6 is FLOW and CLEARING – Breaking FREE of KARMIC CYCLES-PATTERNS-VOWS-CONTRACTS Mostly these are limiting and wounded and do not allow you to rise to your full essence and power. We are cleaning out the OLD and completing Soul wounds (past life or ancestral or cosmic).




July is vibrant and alive yet deep and we can take the SUPER (increased power and light) Moon energy to guide us through the reflections and mirrors that confuse and distract our inner world.

Your LIGHT SELF, the ILLUMINATED and LUMINOUS essence of who you are is getting clearer.

YOUR INTUITION SYSTEM is an essential part of you.


You can watch the full video of Spiritual Weather Report, July 11, 2022 >here<