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Love Goddess Venus

By November 15, 2022Blog

11 is a reminder and a secret passageway to higher realms, your divine blueprint, realigning to your Soul’s powers, gifts and an understanding everything has a purpose even if it is HARD.

Awakening is a metamorphosis and it is messy. Spiritually we are in the SUPERBOWL of all times…

YOU have made it, now stay focused and LISTEN to the messages!

Powerful Destiny Unfolding

Remember the Blood Moon Eclipse is less than a week old and still powerfully affecting and coloring everything.

Eclipses are very powerful and karmic, so pay attention because this is a upleveling of your soul.

November is still going deep into our emotions and desires and secrets.

Are your secrets; old, ancient, and future talking (Scorpio)… ideas of who you are melting in and out in the deepest layer of your subconscious?

Eclipse energies are storing for a month and we are still in the guest 


What has been stirring?

Fears of the deepest subconscious are swimming around and triggering alternate reality visions and connections.

As my Intuition students Expand they are entering so many realities and perspectives. They are learning to see/feel/perceive many timelines at once.

This is a healing of multiple lives of the soul at once.

This is why we are all becoming – conscious multidimensional creatures!

Have you felt the deepest fears or the sense of the unknown lurking deep within?

Deep within is a secret that wants to rise to the surface of your awareness!

It may scare you or feel full of prickly anticipation…
yet if it is being revealed it means you are ready!!!

For decades now I have worked with the deep inner fears and memories of the “being burned at the stake”.

It comes up for everyone at some point as they realize their psychic nature and the multidimensional reality that has been shrouded in fear and blame, torture, repression of individuality and personal power and control.

As you step into your powers and realize there is a deep inner fear holding you back from Awakening to your Intuition and limiting your willingness to be different, stand out and be hurt.

The amount of deep, dark secret hidden buried locked away powers within you is stunning… and it’s stirring.

Shame is getting triggered and other lives are merging and speaking within you or your dreams business and relationships.

The Sacred Feminine is rising again and it has to shed some deep cloaks to be fully integrated.

They can feel like they are “burning at the stake” and doom, uncertainty in relationships and self identity.

The Eclipse is still bringing this up in all areas of safety, or senses of home/self and money (another big area of fear/control/manipulation)

Fears of dark times with shame, guilt, lack lurking in dark waters within and around us.

My students and clients are experiencing intense emotional shifts, especially in how they see themselves that doesn’t always get this than to be seen and heard in your busy day to day life.

On top of the Friday 11-11 Gateway, we are still walking through this landscape as it takes shape.


This is the key – if it’s stirring then it’s meant to be.

Mars Retrograde

Is still active and May be dampening your energy yet allowing you to not be triggered so much that you miss this opportunity

Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus and the Sun have been playing in Scorpio (intense water, subconscious, shame, fear, dark secrets) for a few weeks.

Let’s tune into that LOVE energy and infuse our hearts with our true selves.

We have been discovering the darker parts of ourselves and expanding into SELF-LOVE.

How do you see, receive, give or notice love?

Do you?

Do you feel worthy of it?

The love goddess will return us to love, peace, joy, play and self-acceptance.

Venus in Sagittarius brings good energy to relationships