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Are you having LightBody Sickness?

By January 10, 2023Blog

Are you having LightBody sickness?

If you are actively doing your spiritual work, developing your intuition and senses, and practicing energy cleanses as my students and clients do…then you are most likely having LightBody sickness.

“LightBody or Ascension Sickness” is your body’s response to the quickening of your vibration, also called ascension because your consciousness ‘ascends’ and can communicate with higher realms.

My first LightBody or Ascension Sickness was massive nausea and headaches from my cranium expanding and my brain growing.

You could also be experiencing: headaches, muscle weakness or aches, nausea, stomach or intestinal challenges, leg or tendon cramps, tightness, or tension.

You might experience congestion, infection, or inflammation of the sinuses, ears, and head, and the third eye and pineal open and grow.

The universal “awakening” we are in includes a lot of ups and downs in your energy, sense of security, self, health, and mindset.

Your LightBody (every part of you from your chakras, subtle bodies (mind, emotional body, etc), physical body to DNA, Soul blueprint, Akashic records, and more) are reconfiguring and recalibrating o a crystalline frequency.

Your LightBody structure is vast and is upleveling.

So in these few weeks of rest and review energies… you may need more rest because old patterns are resurfacing and you may feel some Lightbody sickness.

Take care of yourself and be sure you do not need more help.

However, keep in mind, not everything has a 3D cause, and it is most likely passing through you.

In a Soul Reading (annual sale for 3 more days) we discover what is the cause of your LightBody sickness.

I can see what is going on in your LightBody and Soul Blueprint.

We will understand the process you are in, and the purpose of it. What new heights is it leading you to, and what you are leaving behind?

How to do it, and often we complete it in the session.

We also discover what the message this ‘sickness’ is sending you.

You can be empowered by whatever situation you are in. The key is to not fear it, speak to it, and listen.

In Soul Readings, I use any process, too or gift I have to uncover what you are going through, and the best next step.

It is profound because we often journey to other lives or dimensions, other Star seeds, or into your Soul’s Design.

Everything you need to know, what to do, and even how is within your LightBody.

I am here as your guide and interpreter. These are multidimensional healings, communications, and recalibrations.

The Soul Reading Sale was ending today, yet due to my recent LightBody sickness (not usually this bad, but it kept me in bed yesterday) I have not been able to respond to many questions from you.

We will be able to respond tomorrow to the many people who are asking to buy soul readings and the Future Me class, or other classes together and want to bundle the payments. You can do that by emailing us.

So we are extending the Soul Reading Sale thru 1/11/23.

Please send us your questions by then.

I am experiencing some intense LightBody sickness… and do not worry! I know how to ‘talk’ to and see the energies. I am actively doing my LightBody activations, cleanses, and journeys daily!

So I know it is something changing for the better, completing, and preparing me. Even if it was not comfy at all at the time.

This is the Akashic Mystery path of the Infinite Self.

It is sooooo worth it!

Mucho Amor!