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Golden Atlantis Dolphins & Lemuria

By February 28, 2023Blog
I am still floating away after the AAAMAZING Dolphin Guides & Healing experience !

It was pure magic as the Golden “Atlantis” Dolphins came to us and took us on an amazing journey.

The information they shared, the way they interacted and showed us their holographic gold ‘skin’… it was revelatory! They have embodied the multidimensional nature as their “skin” – it’s hard to explain, so watch now!

Connect Heart to heart with our dolphin pod, is a very healing and loving experience at our DOlphin Healing Mayan Magic retreat in the Mayan Riviera.

In todays call we even entered something called “The Golden Akasha”!

I have to relisten myself to capture the important messages and downloads I was receiving.I will be integrating this into my Mystery school!

Do not miss this healing because the message is getting stronger – the DOLPHINS are HERE to HELP US!

Our ancient, future, star and earth pods are gathering and calling our DNA to become multidimensional!

The message today showed more depth to why the Dolphin Mayan Magic Retreats I have planned for 2023  in the carribean are so magical and important!

* There is an early bird price special for all 3 retreats (March, July or December), lock in your price and spot now

When you spend time with the dolphins, in sacred healing waters, doing energy activations…Your frequency will be so high, you will soar!

Today’s call revealed these Dolphin Healing Soul awakening events are being cocreated by these amazing golden dolphins and mermaids!!! Listen to hear more as this message poured through me


Get an Early Bird Price on any retreat through March 1, 2023 (each has a spcific price and includes at least $300 off).


Your Soul’s Dolphin Pod is calling you back home for a reunion!

Are you ready to activate your Soul’s purpose, powers, and path in paradise?

Come reunite with your Ancient Mayan powers at pyramids and temples…

Receive and release your Soul’s Key codes as we do sacred cacao and ancestral ceremony in power vortexes, sacred caves, the jaguar spirit guide...and OUR dolphin POD!

Bathe in exquisitely pure Cenote waters and experience sound healing with the elementals and water spirits as you rejuvenate your soul.

We always enter at least one sacred, pure water Cenote for sound and water Healing & will have a Mayan Aztec Ceremony – this is our ceremony team standing Flor y Canto

The dolphins will be communicating with us all 5 days, 3 days when we are in the turquoise ocean waters with them playing in a state of bliss.

The dolphins will work through our dreams and vision quests, through our 3 Floating Meditations.

Right now they keep coming to me in the night showing me a 3rd eye-opening they want to do with us

This is me doing the 3rd eye-opening that we will do when you come on the retreat!

This is your Soul Pod and they are calling you to come to reunite!

You will receive body, mind, and soul level Recalibrations and reconnect to your dolphin pad from many lives!

During the ceremonies and site activations, you will experience visions, and expansion of your 360 senses, and intuitive powers.

Ancient Pyramids and temples hold power, messages, and key codes and always reveal light beings, guardians, and guides!

The Golden Atlantean dolphins say they will take you to travel into your Golden Akasha where your soul star gifts are.

You will receive guidance on your soul’s path at this retreat.

You will travel into the past and the pyramid’s power chambers. You will encounter your previous lives and reawaken your intuitive powers that are ready to arise for your Soul’s path!

The message today from Lemuria: “Cocreation & Communication” showed we are being supported to create a new world within us!
We are coming ‘home’ to our hearts!

I am excited to see your soul gifts awaken in the warm waters with our pod!

Talk to me now! (Email me [email protected]).

Your heart hears the call… now you can follow and be supported and loved as you come home to your purpose and bliss!

See You in the golden waters of magic!

I cannot wait to hug you!


Please enjoy and share this no cost series Dolphin Guides & Healing Experience!